How to choose oem concealer brush?

  How to judge the quality of the brush. Judge the stand or fall of makeup brush, the simplest way is to judge through Mao Feng. The longer the peak, the better the brush. So what is Mao Feng? Put a makeup brush in the sun and look at it. The translucent part at the top of the brush is the hair peak. The part that hair top receives pointed is hair peak, the part of uniform thickness below is hair root. We are making up when the most direct contact cosmetics and facial ministry is Mao Feng.

  The difference between fibrous hair and animal hair. The holding power and dyeing effect of fiber hair are poor. The hair is only different in thickness and length. Whether it is plant fiber or bionic fiber, it is almost the same in use. Therefore, fiber hair is recommended to choose foundation brush, concealer brush, lip brush and so on. This kind of brush does not need to contact powdery cosmetics. Eye brush is a larger faint dye requirements, it is recommended to choose animal hair makeup brush. Fiber wool is also very comfortable to use, do not puncture the face at all, very soft. So many businesses will make the fiber hair brush big and fluffy, texture is very good.

  The elasticity of the animal hair brush is very good, the power of holding powder is strong, the ability of dyeing is very good, the effect of makeup is good. But it's more or less prickly, and it's not that skin-friendly to use. The stronger the power of the powder, the better the brush, it must be a bit of a face. Several kinds of animal hair commonly available in the market include horse hair, grey rat hair, squirrel hair, and goat hair. Goat hair is one of the most common cosmetic brush materials, subdivided into coarse light peak, medium light peak, fine light peak, white peak, yellow peak. According to the principle of wool peak before, fine light peak wool is the most high-grade, relative to other qualities, hair thinner and more soft, its natural hair hair scales and make it catch powder strong, is wool makeup brush in the best quality, the price is higher. Horse hair is the most powerful animal hair, but the worst skin feeling, because the hair is hard, more tied face. Grey rat and squirrel hair are soft and belong to high grade hair, which holds powder less than horse hair and wool, but is enough for daily makeup. In addition, there are roe deer hair, fox hair and other senior hair, can be used to do makeup brush, but the cost of these products is higher, the price is also more expensive, makeup effect and several common hair mentioned before and no obvious difference.

  The mouth and handle of a cosmetic brush. The tube mouth that makes up brushes is the metal part that connects brush hair and brush handle, divide for copper qualitative and aluminum to make two kinds commonly. Copper is stronger, heavier and more expensive. Most inexpensive brushes use aluminum orifice. These orifice is light, but thin, flat orifice brushes may crack. And brush handle basically is to be fond of according to each person, plastic ligneous and metal have. Plastic is fashionable and light, can do rich modeling, wooden and metal texture is more advanced.

We can customize various styles of brushes. Such as eye brush, brow brush, face brush, etc.

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