How did the beauty brand " florasis"​ established in 2017 succeed step by step?

  In 2017, Florasis was founded in Hangzhou. The establishment of the team is mainly from the makeup industry, and everyone has a certain understanding of makeup.


  Florasis first conducted research on the cosmetics market and found that Guofeng has great potential in the cosmetics market, so he set the consumer users in the group of "makeup + 100-200 price + like Guofeng + certain spending power".

  When Florasis found the brand positioning, it continued to carefully polish the products on the market and continuously launched new products according to market demand.

  For consumers, if they see that their favourite products are not updated for a long time, they will have a kind of aesthetic fatigue, and Florasis, who has updated products for a long time, it easier to create explosive models.


  In the process of selling products, the direct introduction of products is no longer new, and it is easy for consumers to have a feeling of resistance.

  To unravel this kind of resistance from consumers, a better way is to tell stories.

  Florasis uses the form of storytelling to make products look more "connotative" and allow consumers to better understand the original intentions and highlights of the product.

  It is the integration of national cultural elements and product research and development to polish a set of storylines that promote brand products while promoting national culture.


  Later, Florasis also used the resources of the head KOL and invited Li Jiaqi, the head traffic, to endorse the product, and the number of endorsements was relatively high. The close cooperation between Li Jiaqi and Florasis is almost all the time. Taking the data of the past 90 days as an example, it can be seen that Li Jiaqi took the goods Florasis up to 17 games, second only to L'Oréal's 23 games.

  As head traffic, Li Jiaqi has high popularity and can bring a certain degree of popularity and exposure to Florasis.

  Of course, the general can burst the brand, certainly will not let go of the resources of Tmall.

  The same is true for Florasis. In 2019, Florasis joined the "510 Country Tide is coming" and achieved excellent results, letting more people know this brand.

  Florasis's success is inevitable because it knows how to use the advantages of the Internet to continuously expand its popularity, invite live broadcast endorsements, and shine on Tmall.

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