Live streaming e-commerce is coming fiercely, strongly impacting the offline body beauty industry, how will it develop in the future?

  Currently, live broadcasting has become the hottest commercial market! The live broadcast e-commerce is coming fiercely, strongly impacting the offline physical market!

  Also because of the epidemic in 2020, offline stores in the beauty retail industry were temporarily closed, resumption of work was postponed, and consumers' desire to consume beauty products weakened. Beauty brands not only lost the income of offline territories but still have to The cash flow of some companies is in a serious emergency due to the payment of rents, salaries and other expenses.

  With the rapid development of the e-commerce economy, beauty consumers are becoming younger and younger. Not only that, but the market has also created different online beauty products based on consumer needs, making the market more diversified.

  Beauty products have also received more exposure and conversion through e-commerce and e-commerce live broadcasts, and more and more new product research and development have poured in. For example, young and affordable beauty products such as Perfect Diary and Huaxizi have entered the live broadcast. In the business industry, a large number of fans have been gained.

  In the e-commerce market, traffic is king, and the market’s traffic cannot be underestimated. Many niche brands do not lose the big names at all. However, with the transparent market of e-commerce environmental information, more and more homogeneous products are pouring into the market. The online beauty market is rapidly saturated and competition is fierce.

  Once a successful product is put into production and marketed, it will inevitably face the phenomenon of the same price, homogeneity, copycats, etc. To change this status quo, merchants must solve the phenomenon of homogeneity and breakthrough differentiation to go more long-term.

  Speaking of the issue of homogeneity, in fact, the key to solving the problem is to find product differentiation and make innovative adjustments.

  Whether it is traditional e-commerce or a new e-commerce market, innovation is needed, not only in product technology but more in-store operation ideas and patterns, such as using the Internet to push their products and using live broadcasts to display products.

  Bring fire and so on.

  Whether it’s an offline entity or a business that has transformed online, innovation is the foundation of store operations

  Due to the gradual growth of the current e-commerce market, platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo or have deployed the beauty industry and the rise of live e-commerce has continuously increased sales

  With the e-commerce shopping model of people looking for goods, to the current live e-commerce mode of goods looking for people; from the offline physical transaction mode to the current virtualized transaction mode, it is not only an upgrade and transformation of e-commerce but more The upgrading and transformation of the economy of the times.

  Live broadcast e-commerce is mainly formed by wired e-commerce or driven by short video e-commerce, which further promotes the development of the beauty industry. Live broadcast is not only the existence of likes and gifts, but now live broadcast platforms are more live broadcasts to bring goods, customer service one-to-one communication, small programs and other excellent operations, more quickly and effectively recommend products and brands to those in need user.

  The current live broadcast e-commerce is no longer an era that only requires the platform to provide traffic. If you want to better break through the sales bottleneck, it is more important to have your own community for conversion and repurchase.

  The beauty industry can create an image of a fashionista and beauty expert, increase interaction with consumers and potential customers, and output content, which is conducive to the brand's acquisition of seed users, thereby enhancing fan stickiness, obtaining user portraits, and timely adjusting brand promotion operations Strategies can be transformed and realized in the later stage.

3. Knowledge popularization

  Interrelated with the community, whether it is a beauty industry brand or not, it needs to have a certain degree of professional knowledge and content output, and the content is very demanding for consumers.

  Beauty brands can combine their professional capabilities to develop different sections for beauty knowledge popularization, such as skincare knowledge popularization, makeup teaching, skincare ingredients popularization, etc., which can not only provide consumers with valuable information but also enhance brand influence force.

  Whether it is offline e-commerce, online e-commerce or live e-commerce, marketing activities are indispensable, but also eye-catching marketing techniques, such as regular store activities, long-term store activities, spike activities, limited-time offers, limited-time snap-ups, etc., According to the brand's own advantages, plan marketing activities to improve the conversion rate of users.

  Draining offline physical stores through online activities is also a good choice.

  Looking at the beauty industry, whether it is transforming to online e-commerce or not, it is one of the indispensable industries. If you want a better and more stable development, the most important thing is the brand itself.

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