Makeup marketing: brand operation and terminal promotion

Products: Leading fashion and constantly innovating;
In today's cosmetics market, regardless of the size of the brand and the stage of development, continuous development of new products is a constant problem for companies. Because of the popularity and fashion of make-up, it is determined that as a make-up product, it needs to be constantly updated to meet or even lead customers' pursuit of beauty and fashion.
Products should be diversified, with reasonable product series and price gradients. This is because our country is large and unbalanced. Consumption in the west is definitely different from that in the east, and consumption in towns and villages is definitely different from that in big cities. There is definitely a difference between low-income groups and high-income groups. Therefore, the product must either adopt a meticulous route to find the local market for positioning or adopt a generalization strategy to convert consumers in need into their own customers as much as possible.

In terms of sales, strategies such as single product breakthrough, star product promotion, and key product promotion can be adopted. For example, we asked the salesperson, can you sell one or two mascara a day? The sales staff can definitely say that they can sell one or two mascara a day, which is not a big problem for the sales staff in general stores. Then we can also sell one or two eye shadow or foundation products. Then we calculate that the average price of 40 cosmetics can be sold for more than 200 yuan a day, which is not difficult. Then we can make a reward mechanism, sell one more similar product every day, we reward 5 yuan, and sell two more can reward 10 yuan, can this be compared, of course, because now cosmetic brands can have someone responsible in the store. Compared with the past, makeup is no longer managed by others like foster children.
So our sales have changed from passive to active. Another point is that we sell the best products, word of mouth is the best, repeat customers are the best, our volume is the most likely to break through, so we sell our key products, highlight products, star products Well, even if other products are only sold naturally, the total sales will increase greatly.

Terminal promotion must adhere to the following five basic principles.
One is to maintain the image and hygiene of the counters and products; cosmetics are used on the face, and no one wants dirt on the face. As a product, it should be used where people care the most. But we often find that some counters have bright and dark lightboxes, and the products are placed in a mess. The product of another brand was placed on the counter of this brand. The product had not been moved for a long time and was covered with dust. As a customer, would you accept such a product? of course not. If the image and hygiene of the product are not done well, the quality in the minds of consumers will be greatly compromised. This not only requires the business person in the store to pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, but also the manufacturers and agents who see products and counters that are not clean enough when they go out of the store. They must also bring small towels and wash them by themselves. This will also affect the store. Take the lead.
The second is to standardize product display; product display is also an art, and art will bring customers beauty and desire to buy. Therefore, our product display must be done in accordance with the most beautiful display, the most beautiful display method must be made in to a standard, if it is fixed, we must insist on special counters, do not let your own counters display other brands of products, this is very Taboo. It doesn't have many skills, but it is an important basic principle.

Fourth, establish a complete sales report; it is necessary to establish daily sales details, monthly summary tables, etc., So as to clarify the sales of specific products. How much can a certain lip gloss, No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 be sold every day and every month? It's clear at a glance which sales are good and which sales are poor. With these, we can decide to purchase goods based on these, sell more and buy more, sell less and buy less, do not sell fast push or fast return. In any case, if a product has zero sales for three consecutive months, resolutely return it. Otherwise, there is a time limit for the manufacturer to return the goods. Over time, manufacturers will not return the goods, and sales will be poor, which will become a backlog of inventory. The backlog caused by makeup is terrible. Unlike skincare products, they can be dealt with through discounts. If a customer is not interested in make-up products, she will not want them even if you give them to her for nothing.
The fifth is to do a good job in inventory management; the inventory management of cosmetics is very important. It can be said that the inventory management of a store can determine at least 10% of the store's profit in the replenishment operation! If inventory management is not good, it will cause two problems: product shortage and product backlog, which will affect sales. The backlog will occupy funds and cause losses, each at least 5%, so inventory management is very important. Inventory must be kept at least as safety stock, that is, to maintain a month's sales. It is possible that due to the different seasons, the sales volume in one or two months will fluctuate greatly, so the average sales volume of the brand for several consecutive months can be used as the safety stock. The sales volume this month is 10, and the reserved inventory is at least 10 so that stores and agents can keep a safe inventory, that is, normal sales for one month of inventory, so even if the manufacturer is temporarily out of stock for two months, it will not affect the sales of terminal outlets.

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