How to Use The 15 Most Common Makeup Brushes

  The best makeup brush kits, the most complete, sometimes overwhelm us. Are so many different brushes really necessary to create a 'make up' of eyes, face and lips? However, when we take a look at the amount of makeup products we usually stock as fans of this beauty technique, these doubts are dispelled ipso facto. Primer, foundation, powder eyeliners, eye shadows, bronzing powders, pearls or powders to illuminate, blusher Yes, of course you can't apply all this with just two or three different brushes given the variety of formulas and areas where they must adhere.
How to Use The 15 Most Common Makeup Brushes

  Fortunately, nowadays there are many products that already include their own brush to apply them, so we can gradually create a basic kit of makeup brushes without much effort. However, when this does not happen and we find that neither the brush for applying foundation, nor the blusher, nor the eyeshadow or contouring brushes work for us, is when we need a professional to guide us on which of all the existing brushes on the market is the one we should choose.

  And this is precisely what we have done. We asked a professional makeup artist, Silvia Pellisa - director of training at NYX Spain - about the correct way to use the 12 brushes that should not be missing in our makeup bag.

  The result? Wonderful. And after discovering how to use these brushes properly, you'll see the difference in your makeup. We attest that even the most complicated eyeliner (if you do not get it right, do not miss this tutorial to do eyeliner well once and for all) and the most spectacular shadows are much easier to perform when you not only have the tools, but also know which brush to use and how to handle them.

  The contouring brush, the primer and concealer brush, the one used to correct, blend and perfect, the one that best distributes the highlighter, the best for the tear trough area, the one used to correct,Here you have the definitive manual on those brushes that you may not have known how to use and the tips from a makeup expert to get the most out of them.

  1.Contouring Brush

  It is flat and compact and is ideal for contouring the face with powder or cream.

  How to use it? Lightly mark the areas to be darkened and then blend in small circles from the inside out.

  Care: Wash with soap and water after each use to avoid bacteria and excess product in the next application.

  2.Blush brush

  It is small, compact but soft and rounded.

  How to use it? Smile and apply a small amount of blush on the cheeks. Then blend lightly sweeping the brush from the inside out, without extending to other areas.

  Care: It is important to wash it after each use so that if you use a different shade for the next application, the colors do not blend.

  3.Powder brush

  This ultra-soft, tapered brush allows powder to glide evenly all over the face.

  How do you use it? It's perfect for setting makeup by dabbing it on and then gliding it on.

  Beauty tip: Use it also to remove translucent powders if you are baking. What is baking and how is it done? It is the makeup technique that removes shine and consists of applying translucent matte powder in strategic areas.

  4.Primer and concealer brush

  It is small, square and light. Perfect for a good eye make-up where you apply primer or concealer to set the pigment well.

  How to use it? Apply eye primer or concealer and blend in sweeping motions all over the eyelid. Then apply a shadow in the same shade as the skin tone or translucent powder to set the product.

  5.Concealer, blending and perfecting brush

  Extra soft, slightly compact, elongated and rounded at the end.

  How to use it? With small amounts of concealer for a natural finish, but also for cream products, metallic finishes and even powder products such as highlighter.

  Beauty tip: Use it also to perfect the finish of the foundation.

  6. Eyelid color brush

  It is small and compact in size. It ends in a rounded shape.

  How to use it? It is perfect to deposit the powder of the shadows on the eyelid. Apply until you achieve the desired shade in intensity and then blend with the brush.

  Beauty tip: Great for adding more depth through color to smaller areas of the eyelid, such as the corners.

  7.Shadow Brush

  Small, compact but very soft and finished in a square shape.

  How to use it? Apply the color and then blend by sweeping lightly. For wider blending, use a lighter brush.

  Beauty tip: Ideal for adding intensity and depth through color.

  8. Blending brush

  It is elongated, light and ends in a round shape.

  How to use it? Once the color is applied, blend in small circular movements in the area where you want the tone to spread.

  Beauty tip: Perfect for blending and smudging eye shadows and glitter products on cut-crease eyes.

  9.Highlighter brush

  In addition to the classic fan-shaped brushes, you also have this elongated cone-shaped one.

  How do you use it? Deposit powder and blend in small circles in the areas you want to illuminate.

  Beauty tip: With it you can work with cream and powder textures, and it's also perfect for blending the ends of eyeshadow or cleaning the outside.

  10.Tear Brush

  Add a touch of shimmer to the tear trough and lower arch of the eyebrow with this mini, compact brush. Its precision is such that glitters are deposited only where you want them.

  Beauty tip: Always remove the excess by dabbing a little on the base.

  11.Under-eye brush

  It is compact and in the form of "pencil-rotulador". Ultra-precise for smudging eyeliner on the upper part of the eye or to make up the lower part of the eye (without looking like a panda).

  How to use it? Deposit the product after having previously removed the excess and then blend with the blending brush.

  12.Eyeliner and Eye Correction Brush

  This compact, flat brush is perfect for more precise eye correction or for smudging eyeliner. It is the ideal tool to make up the lower lash line.

  Beauty tip: You can also apply eyebrow makeup for a hair-by-hair look.

  13.Brow Brush

  This double brow brush has an angled brush for precise application and a spiral brush at the other end to shape and spread the product.

  Lip liner brush

  Ideal for working on the definition of the lips, as its tapered design allows for a very precise application of lipstick.

  15.Sun Powder Brush

  This brush provides a smooth, even finish.

  How to use it? It is applied with circular movements and is especially suitable for applying sun powder.

  Should you wet a makeup brush before using it?

  brushes. “In all honesty, I prefer to start foundation with a damp sponge as a first layer, pressed and worked in really well. Then I will go back over [the skin] with foundation brushes to blend, blend, blend! ... If the skin is really dry, I only use damp brushes when applying.

  How many makeup brushes do I need?

  As a rule, you will want your professional makeup brush set to contain every single brush you need to make the magic happen! On the other hand you should also have an essential makeup brush kit containing at least six or seven brushes. This set can also double up as your “travel brush kit”.

  Are oval brushes better?

  The oval brush shares a specific benefit with the sponges — they blend far better than any traditional makeup brush. ... With the oval brush, the size and texture of the fiber brush head is much larger, which sheers out your foundation, contour, or tanner evenly over the skin.

  Do I really need concealer brush?

  Since you probably have tons of makeup brushes in your arsenal, you may be wondering if you actually need a concealer brush. The answer is a resounding yes! Simply put, a concealer brush comes in handy to highlight desired areas and help you disguise blemishes and under-eye circles for a flawless finish.

  What makeup brushes do you need for eyeshadow?

  Basically, flat shader brush is used for eyeshadow shades application as it picks up the product well. It helps you to apply shadows evenly across your eyelid. It's a must-have if you love to experiment with dramatic smokey eyed looks. Larger shader brushes helps you cover more area in no time.

  How to use angled blush brush

  Use with cream, liquid or powder blush, bronzers or highlighters for a professional result. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend backward towards the ear using small, circular motions.

  Is an angled blush brush better?

  The angled shape allows for more precise shading. Softer, fluffy angled brushes are great for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter. Angled brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used for more controlled contouring.

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