The 7 best makeup brush sets for beginners

  There is no doubt that in order for you to apply your makeup efficiently, you must have a good set of makeup brushes that allow you to apply the products easily. You may have a kit with only 2 brushes in your home, and this will not be enough at all. Today we are going to introduce you to the best options on the market, being our favorite set the Gracedo set, because it is professional level and you will definitely have the best quality.

  So that you never have to worry about your brush set again today we have prepared a post in which you will find the best options on the market. Not all sets have the same quality so we have made a careful selection of the best options you can find in the market, so you can apply your makeup in a really easy way.
  These are the best makeup brush sets after our review:
The 7 best makeup brush sets for beginners


  There is no doubt that this is one of the best options you can find in the market, especially because it has a very elegant design. It is a very complete set that includes a total of 15 brushes for professional level makeup. In addition, it has a practical brush cleaner, so you can keep your brushes always in perfect condition.

  The brushes are made with totally hypoallergenic and cruelty-free fibers, which makes them perfect for the most sensitive skins. The soft, silky, high-density fibers are made by professionals, so you can get the best performance. It includes a guide to learn more about the use and maintenance of these types of elements. It is a professional level set with which you will get to apply all makeup products in a very comfortable way.

  The opinions they have about these models are very positive, stating that "it is a very complete and professional set of brushes, and each one of them comes in its practical case that will allow you to protect them". They also say that "the brushes are perfect, and the brushes are easy to use". They are brushes of the highest quality which will allow you to get the best possible performance.


  It is a set of brushes that includes all the pieces that are essential to achieve a professional makeup.

  It has completely velvety bristles made with synthetic materials that allow you to have a unique finish when using makeup this set of brushes you will get all the sizes you need, so you can make up in a totally perfect and professional way. It is perfect for contouring, blending, shading and highlighting, until you get the desired effect.

  Its high quality wooden handle allows you to have a better grip to apply makeup, and is a great choice for both beginners and professionals.This brush set has very good reviews from users, ensuring that "they are very soft to use, and you have many brushes so you can have some brushes for a good price".

  In addition, they claim that "the quality of the brushes is very high, and they are very soft to apply makeup with". These brushes come with an instruction manual that tells you what each brush is used for, and they stand out because they come well wrapped.


  This is a set of high quality makeup brushes, which are perfect for professional or home use. They are perfect for the application of all types of liquid, cream or powder makeup, leaving a completely natural finish on your skin. They are made of the highest quality synthetic hair to ensure a smooth application and achieve the desired effect.

  In addition to the brushes, you will find a makeup sponge completely free of latex, so you can make the touch-ups you need. With its pointed end you can reach the smallest areas in a comfortable way. It also includes a cleaning brush, which allows you to clean the makeup brushes, so you can keep them in perfect condition. This brush can be used to wash or clean the brushes after each use to keep them in perfect condition.

  According to users who have purchased this model, they say that "it is a very good set of brushes, they do not release hair and when they dry they do not deform at all". They also assure that "they are very soft, and for the price they are totally worth it because they are dense enough to work very well". They have a great finish, and each one comes in its protective plastic.


  This is one of the most complete makeup sets you will find with a total of 24 pieces with a premium travel bag. This set fits perfectly to all your needs, because it can be used with any type of makeup. You will find brushes for both face and eye makeup for maximum precision.

  They have one of the best quality/price ratios, and you can find all the shapes of brushes you will need. They are made of high quality synthetic hair, which gives them a very soft and velvety touch. Their polo wood handle allows for a much more comfortable grip and makes them very easy to use. With its travel bag you will be able to keep all the pieces in order and enjoy a great comfort when using them.

  There are many positive opinions from users who have purchased this set of brushes, stating that "they are totally advisable, being perfect for beginners and all come very well protected". On the other hand, they assure that "the case is very comfortable and they have a plastic cover so that they will not get damaged, with high quality hairs and not plastic".


  This is an ideal set of brushes for everyday makeup, especially because it has the basic brushes you will need on a daily basis. It is a set of 5 indispensable brushes, which come with their practical storage tray so you can easily store them. It consists of a beveled brush that allows you to apply foundation, a blusher brush, a shadow brush and a blusher brush.

  They are totally free of animal cruelty and are PETA certified products being completely vegan. They are made from recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo, which means you can get a makeup set that is completely earth-friendly. The paper used in the packaging is also environmentally friendly, made from 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers. The plastic elements are also completely recycled and are fully recycled.

  According to the reviews of this model, they state that they are "very good value for money, with a simple presentation, and a guide card for make-up styles". They also state that "they are ideal, being very soft brushes in contact with the skin". This is a high quality product, and for the price they are totally recommendable.


  This is a set that is quite versatile and will allow you to apply all types of makeup to achieve a perfect effect. You will have 4 large brushes and 4 small brushes of the highest quality. The brushes are fully synthetic velvety soft and dense, which allows for easier application of all makeup products. In addition, they are totally free of all types of toxins.

  These brushes are compatible with all powder, cream and liquid makeup products. They are brushes that will not leave any type of streaks in the makeup, leaving a totally professional finish. Their black design makes them very elegant brushes, and they are perfect for both professionals and beginners in the world of makeup.

  They have a protective and waterproof cosmetic bag, so you can take them everywhere, making sure to protect them completely against deformation.they have very good reviews from users who have purchased them, ensuring that "they are very nice and of very good quality, even for professional makeup artists because they do not release hair". In addition, they say that "they are a real marvel, nothing to do with others that have the same price, because they have a superior quality". However, some customers have reported that the newer sets have a lower quality, although this has not been the case for all of them.


  This is a set of professional level makeup brushes in marble, which are ideal for professional makeup artists. These brushes are made of premium materials to ensure that you will have brushes that are silky smooth. Plus, with their white marble look, you will have brushes that look very elegant to carry around.

  You will be able to have a brush that is ideal for any style, because it is a brush set that will have a solution for any type of makeup that you want to do. You can apply all kinds of makeup for the face or for the eyes with great precision, and getting a great performance. They also come with a practical case that will allow you to carry them everywhere in a very comfortable way and without them getting damaged at all.

  The opinions that this model has are quite positive, assuring that "they are perfect for traveling, and are very good as a gift". They also say that "their appearance is very nice, they are quite precise and include their own case for easy storage". These are brushes that stand out for their value for money, and with their hard case you will be sure that your brushes will be fully protected when you take them anywhere.

  How to choose your makeup brushes if you are a beginner?

  Before choosing a set of makeup brushes you must be very clear that you must choose a kit that fits completely to what you are looking for. As there is such a wide variety in the market, you should consider some key factors so that you can buy in a totally accurate way such as:

  Your makeup routine

  Your daily makeup routine should be the main basis on which you buy your makeup brushes. In any case, you may not need 32 brushes or more for daily use, and with basic ones you can have great results.

  You should make sure that your basic kit has at least the following brushes: foundation brushes, powder brushes, blush brushes, flat eyeshadow brushes, blending brushes and eyebrow brushes. This will largely depend on how you apply your makeup, and you may need special brushes depending on your makeup style, or even fewer brushes can get you what you're looking for.


  Quality is something basic, especially because you must make sure that the brush never gets to bother your skin. For this reason, you should make sure that the material is of high quality, regardless of whether it is natural or synthetic hair.

  You should choose a hair that is very gentle on your skin, and in this case artificial hair brushes are usually more versatile. This is because they offer you great quality and functionality, thus achieving a great performance and enjoying the most of the quality they have to offer you.

  Brushes included in the kit

  Generally if you are a beginner, a 6-piece brush kit will be more than enough for you. While if you already have some practice you may need a 12-piece kit, and if you are really a professional makeup artist you should opt for sets of 20 to 32 pieces.

  You should make sure that the set you buy has the brushes you will need depending on your makeup style. If you buy a basic kit don't worry because you can add new brushes as you perfect your techniques.

  Brand and manufacturing material

  These two factors are closely related to the price of the brushes, and if you choose natural hair brushes they are usually more expensive than artificial hair brushes. For this reason, you should analyze if the investment is really worth it or if it is not really necessary to pay more money than necessary so that you can get the makeup you are looking for.

  What are makeup brushes and what are they for?

  Makeup brushes are accessories that cannot be missing in any makeup kit because they allow you to apply the products. They have evolved over the years, and you can find a kit that fits everything you need.

  They are perfect for applying powder, cream or liquid makeup, and you can find special brushes for the face, lips and eyes. In any case, they are high quality accessories that will allow you to achieve better results than you can get with a makeup sponge.

  Types of makeup brushes and what each one is for

  There are a lot of types of brushes in addition to their hair types, and you may not know them thoroughly. In this post we are going to know them all so you can know which one will best suit your needs:

  For foundation

  These brushes are known as foundation brushes, and their shape is perfect for applying make-up in a hygienic and product-saving way. They can be applied directly to the foundation and then blended on the face.

  In these brushes you should pay attention to some aspects in order to make the right choice:

  •   Type of hair: it is best to opt for brushes with artificial hair because they allow a better application.
  •   Shape: the shape is something basic, and these should have a thick handle, flattened hairs and a dome-shaped tip with a round cut.
  •   Length: these brushes are longer compared to other makeup brushes, and can be about 3 to 4 centimeters from the handle to the hair tip.
  •   Numbering: the numbering may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they usually have the number 190.
  •   Hardness: this brush should be flexible, soft and bushy, otherwise it would be very difficult to apply foundation.

  Diagonal brush

  They are also known as bevel brushes, and should not be missing in makeup kits. However, many people do not need them, and they can be used for contouring or applying blusher. The characteristics they should have are as follows:

  •   Type of hair: these brushes can be either natural or synthetic, and depending on your use might be better one option or the other.
  •   Shape: it is specially designed for the contour of the cheeks, and this is usually bushy, and with a beveled or diagonal cut, adjusting completely to the peculiar shapes of the face.
  •   Length: this is a brush that is also usually long, the hair can measure up to two centimeters, and can measure up to 4 centimeters depending on the brand.
  •   Numbering: the numbering is 168 for this brush, although it could change depending on the manufacturer.
  •   Hardness: it is a soft brush, but at the same time it has a certain degree of stiffness to achieve a good level in the contour of the face.

  Round brush

  They are the largest of all, with very thick hair, and are mainly used for the application of loose or compact powder. In any case, these are essential and help to remove excess product. In any case, their characteristics are as follows:

  •   Type of hair: just like the beveled one this one can be in synthetic or natural hair. However, to release the product in a more natural and fluid way, it is best to opt for natural hair in these brushes.
  •   Shape: its shape is rounded and very bushy, and there may be varieties with a short wand such as the kabuki brush. It is very bushy and is perfect for spreading powder well.
  •   Length: the length of these brushes is usually 4 to 5 centimeters depending on the manufacturer.
  •   Numbering: usually the numbering of this brush is 134, but it may vary depending on the manufacturer.
  •   Hardness: these brushes should have soft hairs to catch the powder and place it on the face.

  Fan Brush

  This is a flat brush with little hair, and it is specially designed to remove the remains of makeup that fall on the cheekbones when applied. It is not essential, since basically any brush can be used for this task. Among its characteristics should be:

  •   Type of hair: it must be a very soft brush, so a great option is natural hair, although synthetic hair works very well.
  •   Shape: it has a flat shape with a fan opening and rounded tip.
  •   Length: this brush usually varies between 3 and 4cm depending on the manufacturer, and they always have a thin handle.
  •   Numbering: The numbering for these brushes is 184.
  •   Hardness: this brush should be as soft as possible, otherwise it could cause stains and mistakes in the makeup.

  How to use makeup brushes?

  Everything will depend on the type of brushes we are talking about and the area of the face where you are going to use them. In general, to use makeup brushes you should do it with smooth and even movements to avoid leaving streaks on your face.

  Larger brushes are for the larger areas of your face, while smaller brushes are usually ideal for fine details. You should consider whether you are going to use the brushes for your face, eyes, eyebrows or lips, because this will determine the use you will give to each one of them.

  How to clean and wash makeup brushes?

  To clean makeup brushes, you only need to follow a few simple steps:

  •   Place the brush under the faucet and let the warm water run for a few seconds.
  •   Apply baby shampoo in the palm of your hand.
  •   Make circular movements with the tips of the brushes, making sure to clean the hairs well.
  •   Fill a container with water, insert the brush and shake until all the shampoo is removed.
  •   Rinse the brushes again under running water.
  •   Dry with a soft cloth or napkin.

  This is a process that should be done only on the hairs of the brush, avoiding wetting the handle of the brush.

  How to dry the makeup brushes?

  When you wash your brushes, make sure to dry them well so that they do not get damaged. Be sure to use a soft cloth or even napkins that will allow you to get a good performance.

  Avoid drying the brushes by shaking them or using too much force on their tips because this could greatly decrease the lifespan of the brushes.

  Where to store makeup brushes?

  The storage of makeup brushes is a very important point that you should take into consideration. Because a good storage will depend on the brushes to be kept in good condition for a longer time.

  Many models come with their own storage case, which allows you to have a practical way to store them and keep them in perfect condition. In any case, you should make sure that the brushes you choose have a rigid case, because this will prevent damage to them.

  How do you know if a makeup brush is good?

  The rounded ones, for my taste, blend better, but you have to know how to choose the right size depending on the area where you are working. Flatter or more compact brushes work the product in a more compact way. The more pressed the brush hair is, the more product it will leave behind.

  What are the best brushes for blending?

  Medium-sized, rounded, paddle-shaped brushes with beveled sides are perfect for applying and blending eyeshadows, both powder and cream.

  How can you tell if a makeup brush is made of natural hair?

  Color: A strong, bold color will correspond to a synthetic brush.

  Flexibility: Natural brushes have more flexible bristles.

  Feel: Natural brushes are softer than synthetic brushes.

  What are natural bristle brushes?

  The name says it all: they are brushes made from natural animal hair. For centuries, brushes and paintbrushes have been made from the hair of a wide variety of mammals.

  What is a synthetic and natural hair brush and what are they made of?

  Natural bristle brushes are made from the hair of wild animals such as Kolinski sable, squirrel, badger or pony. Pig hairs are also used. Synthetic filaments, on the other hand, are made from polyester, nylon or taklon fibers.

  How many makeup brushes are in a set?

  As a rule, you will want your professional makeup brush set to contain every single brush you need to make the magic happen! On the other hand you should also have an essential makeup brush kit containing at least six or seven brushes. This set can also double up as your “travel brush kit”.

  How do you buy make up brushes?

  Brushes made of the finest, high class, quality materials will last longer and result in that flawless makeup look you are seeking. When determining the quality of your brush, look for soft bristles that don't feel frayed or ragged. The bristles should be held in place by a secure, metal ferule to prevent shedding.

  Do I really need makeup brushes?

  Answer: The average woman doesn't need—and would most likely never use—all the brushes found backstage in a professional makeup artist's arsenal (fan brushes, we're looking at you especially). Instead, edit down to three that multi-task to serve your eyeliner, foundation, blush and shadow needs.

  What is the best way to apply foundation?

  Whether you're using a foundation brush (synthetic bristles are best) or your fingertips, apply foundation in a stippling motion, which means gently tapping it into your skin. Avoid any wiping or rubbing motions because that will only push the foundation around and cause streaks.

  What are quality make up brushes made of?

  For your reference, natural makeup brushes are often made from squirrel, goat, sable (hair from the tail of the kolinsky species of weasel), mink and occasionally horse or even badger hair.

  Are cheap makeup brushes good?

  If you're on a budget, a cheap or mid-price makeup brush collection will serve you just fine. However, if you're willing to splurge a little bit more, it turns out that expensive makeup brushes really are worth the price.

  How can you tell if a makeup brush is good quality?

  Quality brushes should feel soft and gentle against your skin. If a brush feels rough and scratchy, then it is of low quality and should not be used on your skin. If it's also a brush with bristles that fall out all the time, it is not of good quality.

  Why you should replace your mascara every 3 months?

  You're contaminating your mascara every time you use it. And although the preservatives in the mascara do their job at first, all the bacteria in mascara means they become less and less effective over time. The moist, dark environment of the mascara tube is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

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