Makeup brushes: which one is the best in 2022

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  The perfect outfit of course has to match with an exceptional makeup. Even if we are not specialists in the field, without a doubt the final look will depend on the quality of the products we use and it is always convenient to look for the option that will help us save time and money, but without affecting the results.

  The truth is that there are different types of makeup brushes, in the following article you will learn to differentiate them, to know their advantages and disadvantages, to know the most outstanding ones in the market. 

  First the most important

  A brush is an instrument made up of bristles made of synthetic or natural hair, firmly attached to a handle that can be made of wood, plastic, etc. Its main function is to apply cosmetic products on the face.

  Makeup brushes have the advantage of helping you save money by requiring less product and time since it allows a more expeditious work. All types of brushes are suitable, since there is a specific model and material for each product and area of the face.

  In general, we recommend buying a kit or set of brushes, as these have the basic brushes for all areas of the face, otherwise you can buy one at a time, although the value will be significantly higher.

  Buying Guide: what you need to know about makeup brushes

  Makeup lovers will understand that good brushes will always be your best allies. Sometimes we tend to apply makeup even with our hands, however, there are specific tools for each product used. In this article we present you in detail the makeup brushes and what you should know about them before buying them.


  What is a makeup brush and what are its advantages?

  A makeup brush is a device that has a set of bristles attached to a handle, in this case, the main function is to apply cosmetic products. Using makeup brushes brings benefits in the results obtained, also from the economic point of view.

  Other elements used to apply foundation, such as sponges, use twice as much product as makeup brushes. Generally speaking, we recommend that you prefer small brushes for applying foundation, medium brushes for blush and large brushes for powders.

  Here are the benefits of using makeup brushes in detail.


  •   Optimizes time
  •   Guarantees longer product durability
  •   Perfect for powder products
  •   Natural finish
  •   Long lasting


  •   Requires constant cleaning
  •   Slightly more expensive
  •   Accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria
  •   Careful between uses since colors can be mixed

  Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of makeup brushes.

  How not to get confused if an affordable set has 32 pieces or more, if there are those of different sizes and density. Anyone can get a headache.

  It is true that each brush has a specific function, shape and size that you have to study a little to identify them all. The main aspects that will help you to compare good quality brushes are mainly based on the hair they have, you will be able to choose the best one considering the following characteristics:

  If this sounds Chinese to you, here we tell you in detail what each of these aspects means:


  The different hair cuts of the brushes are for a specific function, these are:

  Round cut: they are for making more precise details, at the same time they catch less product than other brush cuts.

  Bevel cut: This cut is diagonal, ideal to reach the most special corners of our face. It is used for areas that have relief on the face such as cheekbones and eyes, this cut is perfect to make the blurred touch.

  Pointed cut: used to be more precise and apply less product. Ideal for applying concealers or dark shades under the eye.

  Flat cut: perfect for applying foundations and powders, no matter if they are compact or fluid. Suitable for the entire face. This type of brush traps a lot of product and releases it little by little, contributing to a better, more natural coverage of the product and is also perfect for blending.

  Type of hair

  As we mentioned before, there are two types of hair in makeup brushes, both are necessary since each one is for applying a different product on the face. Brush sets come with either one or the other, never both.

  If you do not have animal hair allergy problems, it is almost essential that you have both types.

  Synthetic hair: they are more resistant, ideal for applying fluid products. Over the years they tend to become stiffer. We recommend that you prefer those with gradient colored hair, as this is baked and bleached, the result is a much softer and thinner hair.

  Natural hair: ideal for powder products. They can be camel, squirrel, pony, etc. hair. This hair has certain grooves that trap the makeup and release it slowly depending on the pressure you use. The difference is its softness and the user's preference. Nowadays there are some that mix the hair of various animals.

  Length of hair

  The length of the hair on your brushes will depend on your personal taste and how much makeup you like to use, the time you invest in this task and the results you want to achieve.

  Long haired brushes will catch less product than short dense haired brushes.

  Generally, the dense-haired ones have a flattened ferrule, which allows for greater rigidity when applying products. While the longer-haired ones have a rounded ferrule that provides greater movement and are easier to handle, especially for blending. In the end, it's a matter of taste!


  Another way to classify makeup brushes is by their size. This is directly related to the area of the face for which they are made.

  Large brushes are for the larger areas of the face and are especially for applying foundation and powder. Smaller brushes are ideal for around the eyes, nose and mouth.

  The medium brushes are for the in-between areas and are perfect for applying concealer or blusher. Remember that using the wrong size brush, such as a small one for foundation, will result in an uneven or caked finish in some areas.

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