What each makeup brush is for and how to use them

  Although it is not necessary to have a professional makeup artist's collection of brushes, which can have more than 40 different types, it is more than advisable to become familiar with some of them and use them on a daily basis. Brushes and brushes help to achieve a much more defined, more natural makeup and to make the most of the product.
What each makeup brush is for and how to use them

  But to get the most out of them, it is essential to know what each brush is for and how to use them. It is likely that when it comes to buying one you have been somewhat lost in the face of so much variety and you may already have more than one at home that you do not know if you are using correctly and if it is the most suitable for applying foundation or sun powder. That's why we tell you here what each type of brush is for and which ones should be in your makeup bag.

  Contouring brush

  These short brushes with an asymmetrical finish are ideal for contouring, that is, for the makeup technique that plays with light and shadow to sculpt the face. Its shape is designed to adapt perfectly to the angles of the face, reaching and covering all of them with precision.

  How to use: Apply to the top of the forehead and along the jawline and blend for a face with marked relief. For a sculpted effect, draw a 3 from the forehead to the cheeks.

  Blush brush

  Rounded brushes with a rounded shape and thick but light brushes are ideal for applying blusher. Their design allows you to define cheekbones and enhance contours.

  How to use: sweep the brush over the blusher, then tap a couple of times on the back of the hand to remove excess powder. Apply from top to bottom, from the cheekbone under the eye, downwards.

  Bronzing powder brush

  To apply sun powder, we need a thick and compact brush that ensures an even and compact application all over the face, neck and décolleté. This Guerlain brush is halfway between the classic brush (long handle) and the Kabuki (very short handle).

  How to use: Pick up the product with the brush and apply lightly all over the face.

  Contour brush

  There is also a specific brush for applying eye concealer. If we are looking for a perfect finish, this one is essential. It is a small brush, rounded in shape to reach the area under the eye but also serves to conceal imperfections on any part of the face.

  How to use it: you can use this brush to blend concealer around the eye contour or wherever you want or to achieve greater coverage.

  Foundation brush

  When using liquid or cream foundation, the ideal brush is known as the "cat's tongue" brush. It is rounded and slightly flat. Its design allows the product to be evenly distributed and does not leave marks or lines on the face. Using a brush for this type of makeup is essential to avoid wasting product.

  Highlighter Powder Brush

  This fan-shaped brush is perfect for applying highlighter powders. It achieves an ultra-light application and also comes in handy for removing excess product on the skin.

  Makeup sponge

  Since they appeared, they have revolutionized the world of makeup and whoever masters them is capable of doing real wonders. Although their most common use is to evenly apply foundation and fluid foundation, they can also be used to contour the face and even apply blusher and cream highlighter. The latest addition to this range of tools is the silicone sponge, for a lighter finish and better use of product.

  How to use: wet the sponge, wring it out and spread the makeup with it all over the face.

  Eyeliner brush

  This brush with a beveled finish is perfect for applying shadow as an eyeliner on the lash line or for smudging eyeliner. With a little skill, its slanted shape allows you to draw a precise line.

  How to use it: if you use it for eyeliner, use the tip of the brush, drawing a line from the outside of the eye to the inside. If you are going to apply shadow with it, remember to tap a couple of times to remove excess product.

  Sponge brush cleaner

  In addition to choosing the right brush, you also need to keep them clean and cared for to achieve flawless makeup. This dry brush cleaner allows you to remove powder and pigment residue without wetting it, and you can change color without waiting for it to dry.

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