What are the basic makeup brushes

  Makeup brushes are very useful tools that make a difference in the final result when applying any product on the face. They ensure that the makeup has a flawless finish, that it lasts longer and that our skin is always radiant. Nowadays, there are kits with dozens and dozens of makeup brushes, however, the important thing is to identify those that we must all have to apply cosmetics well.
What are the basic makeup brushes

  Foundation brush

  We start the list of basic makeup brushes with the one that will serve us to apply the foundation. It is essential for those who use a liquid or cream foundation, as the result obtained is much more flattering than if we apply it with sponges or fingers. As we see in the image, it is a flat synthetic hair brush that leaves a very natural and uniform finish, avoiding excess makeup on the skin.

  Makeup brush for concealer

  Very similar to the brush for foundation but in a smaller size, we have the brush to apply concealer, ideal for covering all the imperfections of the face. It is also a flat brush and synthetic hair, offers excellent precision and is great for applying concealer gently in the eye contour area.

  Powder Makeup Brush

  To seal makeup, we need a good brush to apply compact or loose powder. It is a thicker brush with a rounded shape, perfect to distribute the product well all over the face and provide a soft and velvety texture to the skin. Natural hair brushes are ideal, as the finish is much more flattering.

  Makeup brush for blusher

  Another of the basic makeup brushes we must have is the one we will use to apply blush on the cheeks. It is made of natural hair and its beveled cut is perfect for applying blush well, defining and accurately marking the cheekbones. Try it and you'll see how much more defined and attractive your face looks.

  Eye shadow makeup brush

  For eye makeup, there are plenty of brushes but we select the most basic one, the one used to apply eye shadows and blend them on the eyelid. Round-tipped, natural-haired brushes provide a very precise application of the product and work great for blending and creating smoky eyeshadows. It's best to have a couple of eyeshadow brushes, one for lighter shades and one for darker ones.

  Makeup brush for eyeliners

  We close the selection of basic makeup brushes with the eyeliner brush. Its angled cut is excellent for applying gel or liquid eyeliner easily, sealing it and achieving a much more defined eye makeup with impeccable strokes.

  Cleaning makeup brushes

  Once we have the basic makeup brushes, it is essential to clean them constantly and keep them in good condition so that the final look is always beautiful and long-lasting.

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