How to clean makeup brushes

  There is one sin that almost all of us women are guilty of: never cleaning our makeup brushes or sponges. We don't fail to put on every cream our best friend recommends, try homemade beauty treatments or watch thousands of tutorials to achieve Hollywood-style makeup looks. However, when it comes to an action as minuscule as washing makeup brushes or sponges, we forget about this task altogether.
How to clean makeup brushes

  Knowing how to clean brushes and sponges is extremely important for your skin care. With each use, a lot of bacteria and dirt accumulates on the products, and this can end up on your skin, causing pimples and blackheads (after so much effort to take care of your skin!). To keep your brushes and sponges impeccable, and, above all, so that nothing gets between you and your skin, here's how to clean makeup brushes.

  Remember: before carrying out any of these methods on how to wash makeup brushes and sponges, do a little test first. And if you combine these methods with commercial products, always read and follow the instructions on the label.

  You will need:

  •   Container of water
  •   Cloth
  •   Bowl
  •   Absorbent paper
  •   Shampoo

  How to clean makeup brushes

  Another good news to leave the excuses and keep these accessories spotless is that: although there are products specifically designed to clean brushes, brushes and makeup sponges, you can also do it with products you have at home. Here are 7 simple steps on how to clean makeup brushes:

  •   Fill a bowl with hot waterMake sure the water is very hot (never boiling water) to remove adhering grease. With hot tap water, it should work perfectly.
  •   Wet the hair of the brushes with hot waterInsert the brush in the water in an upright position, being careful not to wet the handle as it could be damaged, especially if it is made of wood.
  •   Clean your brushes with shampooUse a shampoo, such as Gracedo, to remove grease and dirt from your brushes. Add a few drops to hot water and stir to form a little foam and distribute the product evenly.
  •   Make circular movements in the palm of your handRub the brush in the palm of your hand making circular movements. You will see the grease start to come off. Rinse with warm water and repeat until clean.
  •   If they are too dirty, apply the shampoo directly on your hand and then make circular movements with the wet brush on your palm.
  •   Dry the brushesOnce they are clean, use absorbent paper or an old cloth to remove excess moisture. Be careful, because if there are still traces of makeup, you can stain the cloth or paper when you dry it.
  •   Before they dry, it is important that they regain their initial shape. Simply arrange the brush hairs in the desired shape.
  •   Let it dry upside downThis will prevent moisture from seeping through the handle and damaging it. If possible, let it rest on an old towel or cloth.

  How to clean makeup sponges

  Another makeup item that deserves our attention is the makeup sponge. Just like brushes, if it is not cleaned regularly, it can quickly become damaged, and also damage your skin. Here's how to wash your makeup sponge.

  Moisten the sponge with warm water. You can use warm tap water or fill a bowl with water. Wet the sponge well.

  Use a good degreasing detergent. Apply a few drops of a detergent on the sponge, such as Gracedo, which with its new formula, with just one drop generates a lot of foam so that you can clean and act on the most difficult grease from the first application.

  Rub the sponge with your hands or fingers. Take advantage of the foam that is generated, as it will be your great ally when it comes to removing the remains of makeup and dirt from the sponge. Put the sponge back under the warm water to remove the dirt that the detergent will extract.Put the sponge to dry. Put the sponge to dry on an old cloth and in a well ventilated place. Let it dry completely before using it to apply make-up.

  How to dry makeup brushes

  Just as important as knowing how to wash makeup brushes, is knowing how to dry makeup brushes correctly. For one thing, it's going to help you take care of the durability of your brushes. If water remains in the brush and drips down the handle, it may loosen and eventually come out. On the other hand, if moisture remains inside the brush, unwanted fungus or bacteria may form.

  Follow these tips when drying brushes:

  •   Dry it in an upright position. Whenever you dry the brush, always place it upside down, in a vertical position. This way, you will prevent moisture from seeping in.
  •   Use an old cloth. After washing the brush, use an old cloth to dry it thoroughly. Another good idea is that when you put it upside down to dry, rest it on a cloth so that it continues to absorb moisture.
  •   Open the hairs. First, open the hairs to dry the inside of the brush. Use a cloth or absorbent paper. Then, mold the brush to dry to the desired shape.
  •   Let the brush air dry. Finally, let it dry in an airy place to reduce the possibility of fungal growth due to humidity.

  How to disinfect makeup

  As part of your makeup cleaning routine, you should also disinfect your products frequently. Depending on their constitution, you can do it in the following way:

  Creamy products such as foundations, concealers, eyeliners, etc. You will only be able to disinfect bottles, caps and external surfaces, as any direct mixing between cleansers and makeup could damage their constitution and irritate your skin. Close the products tightly and clean them on the outside with warm water and detergent. Then, when they are dry, wipe the outside of the container and the inside of the lid with an alcohol wipe.

  Lipsticks and pencil eyeliners. Before disinfecting them, make sure they are very clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting stains and having to remove lipstick stains from your clothes. Mix one part ethyl alcohol with two parts water. Put them in a spray bottle and spray your products. Wipe them with absorbent paper and let them dry thoroughly before using them.

  Powder products such as blushes and eyeshadows. Also use the alcohol spray solution mentioned above. Keep your distance so that only a few drops fall and let it dry well.

  Frequently asked questions on how to clean makeup brushes

  How to clean makeup brushes at home?

  You can clean your makeup brushes using baking soda. Fill a glass with water up to the length of the brush hair (it should not touch the handle). Add a tablespoon of baking soda, stir well and immerse the brush for 15 minutes. After that time, rinse it and let it dry upside down.

  How to clean and disinfect makeup brushes?

  If you want to clean and disinfect makeup brushes, first clean them using the method we explained at the beginning, and then, when dry, use alcohol disinfectant spray to disinfect your brushes. Keep your distance when applying it and let it dry completely before use, otherwise it may cause irritation.

  How do you disinfect makeup?

  To disinfect powder products, such as blushers or eye shadows, use a disinfectant alcohol spray. Keep a distance of 20 centimeters and spray it on the makeup. For lipsticks, use an old rag with a little alcohol on it and wipe it on. Be careful because it will stain the cloth. For creamy products, such as foundations or concealers, you can only disinfect the lids or outer surfaces, using an absorbent paper towel and a little alcohol.

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