Applying makeup can make you feel good. And it's even better when we know that the makeup brushes we're going to use will ensure the desired results.

  Finding high-quality makeup brushes and brushes and understanding the best way to use each one is what we want to help you with today.

  Makeup brushes with natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.

  Organic or natural fibers are softer and more effective. They are made of natural hair. They have cuticles that are better for pigment hold.

  Synthetic brushes are good for applying liquid makeup such as foundation and concealer because they are easier to clean.

  Invest in quality makeup brushes and brushes.

  Natural brushes and brushes may be a bit more expensive, but they are also more durable.

  Clean your natural hair makeup brushes once a month, so you'll retain their effectiveness and they'll last longer.

  Start your brush collection

  You can start your makeup set with a foundation brush; concealer brush; blush brush and an eyeshadow brush.

  Applying foundation with a brush is recommended because, if applied with your fingers, the oil on your hands can clog pores, causing skin irritation.

  Foundation brush

  The foundation brush should be sturdier and stiffer for applying liquid foundation. This is a brush that can be chosen with synthetic fibers, as it will be easier to clean the liquid makeup from the brush.

  Concealer brush

  To apply the liquid concealer under your eyes you can opt for a synthetic brush. If we want to cover small spots or imperfections, the brush should have tightly packed hair so that it fulfills its function of correcting pimples.

  Soft, rounded makeup brushes for powder application

  A powder brush needs to have a soft, rounded tip. But above all, pay attention to the fibers, which should be less compact to obtain the right amount of powder and to be able to apply it without excess. Look for a brush with a large, soft, rounded tip.

  A mineral powder brush is a variation of the powder brush. It's similar, but has tighter bristles to buff the mineral powder into your skin.

  Blush brush

  The tip should be rounded to allow easy movement across the skin without friction.

  The blush brush should also have very fine, soft hair for applying powder blush to the cheeks.

  Eye shadow brush

  Often, applying eye makeup is where the most time is spent when applying makeup. So there are also several brushes with different uses to help you complete your makeup.

  The main brush for eyeshadows should have a tip a little smaller than the size of your eyelid.

  This brush should be soft and rounded tipped to move smoothly over the eyelid, applying color without dragging.

  This brush is slightly smaller and has an accentuated tip, accentuated to help you reach deeper into the eyelids to help you apply your makeup correctly.

  Fine or flat eyeliner brush.

  The thin eyeliner brush can help you apply liquid eyeliner in a very precise and fine line and can even apply small dots between the lashes.

  Eyebrow Contour Brush

  The spiral brow brush has a tip that resembles a mascara applicator. This is used for combing the eyebrows. You can also use this brush to comb the eyebrow hairs upwards and then trim the ends to control the shape of your eyebrows.

  After that, you can fill in your brows with powder or cream with a stiffer brush with an angled tip so you can draw fine lines.

  Lip brush

  This brush has a fine tip for precision in adding lip color. The hairs of this brush are very close and firm.

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