Learn how to use your makeup brushes correctly

  Within the wide world of makeup, the skill of each makeup artist determines the result; however, there are also several tools or utensils that can help or harm the entire makeup. Makeup brushes are the pillars to achieve success or failure within the makeup artist's work. Today we will show you how to use makeup brushes in the best way to get the most out of them.
Learn how to use your makeup brushes correctly

  Brushes: the basis of good makeup

  When applying foundation on the face, there is no better element than the makeup brush. This tool is used to give texture and naturalness to the face; however, although it may seem a simple task, the right choice of brush can guarantee or hinder an optimal result.

  It can be said that brushes are the basis to obtain an ideal makeup, because thanks to their different types, sizes and uses, they can be used for several functions. There are brushes for the face, eyes and other parts of the face, with which you can more efficiently apply products such as foundations, concealers, shadows, highlighters and others.

  Types of makeup brushes

  Although there are several classifications to get to know the brushes better, these categorizations will give you a clue about the use for which they were designed.

  1. By the type of bristles

  The type of bristles determines the quality of the brush and is closely related to the professional finish. Brush bristles are usually of two types: natural or artificial.


  They are ideal for blending products due to their softness. They are often used to apply powder products.


  They provide more precision during product application and are ideal when using cream-based items.

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  Another element to consider is the handle of the brush. This is usually made of various materials such as wood or plastic, and although its function may seem merely aesthetic, the truth is that it also influences the comfort of use. To obtain the best handle, it is important to consider other factors such as length, thickness and weight.

  In addition to this first classification, makeup brushes must also have the correct bristle density. A clear example of this is that if a brush has bristles that are too far apart, i.e. too little density, it will result in a poorly distributed base coat. A brush with the wrong density can absorb too much product, which will mean a disproportionate application of the material.

  2. By type of shape

  Brushes are also often classified according to their shape or appearance. They can be angular, straight and fan-shaped.


  This first group is usually used on various parts of the face. According to their size, they are ideal for contouring the nose, forehead and chin.

  Straight brushes

  Straight brushes are perfect for applying blush and translucent powders because of their linear shape that helps to better distribute these products.


  These are used to apply products such as highlighter, as well as to clean or remove excess powder products applied to the face.

  What is the purpose of each makeup brush?

  Although their functions may seem similar or similar, the truth is that each brush has a particular task. Below we will show you how to use makeup brushes, so you can understand how they work and classify them according to the type of product to use and the area to be made up.

  1-. By the type of product to apply


  These brushes are soft, large and round. They are used for the application of loose powders due to their rounded shape that helps the distribution of the product.


  Due to their flat shape and the density of their bristles, they are ideal for applying foundation on the face.


  Thanks to its angular shape, this brush is often used to better contour the face.


  This type of brush has a rounded tip, which allows a better assimilation of the blush, which is applied to the cheek area.


  Concealer brushes have a compact, flat tip. These characteristics make them ideal for accurately distributing the product and correcting imperfections on the face.

  2-. By the area to be made up

  Eyelash or eyebrows

  It is a kind of brush used to comb the eyebrows after the application of mascara.


  These brushes are long, flat and with a high density in the bristles, they allow a smooth application and remove excess product.


  These brushes have a sculpted tip, which makes them ideal for a perfect lip liner. The bristles are short and firm for controlled application.

  How to care for your makeup brushes

  Now that you have learned how to use your makeup brushes, you can focus on how to take care of them to ensure they work properly. There are several steps or recommendations you can follow.

  Separate your tools

  The first thing you should do is to separate your brushes into natural and artificial bristles, as each instrument has a different cleaning process, so having a correct classification can help you take better care of them.


  Due to the amount of elements or substances that are part of the makeup, it is important to perform a prior disinfection process. We suggest soaking them for a few minutes in two parts water to one part vinegar and rinsing them with enough water before drying them.

  Wash your instruments

  After each use it is important to wash your instruments with a little warm water and a few drops of shampoo. Let them soak for a few minutes and then wash them according to their size. In the case of the larger ones, we recommend placing them on the palm of your hand and apply a light massage from top to bottom. For medium and small brushes, the procedure is similar, although you should be careful when massaging them. If you have used creamy products, clean them with a little olive or almond oil.


  For this last step you can carefully wring them out with a kitchen towel and then gently wipe them with a cloth, the correct movement is from front to back. Afterwards you will have to mold them, because during the process they tend to lose their original shape. Place them in the open air in a vertical position with the bristles facing upwards and once they are dry, put them away.

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