How to make up lips with a brush

  There are several ways to look perfectly made-up lips. If you are a fan of lipsticks or, on the contrary, you don't know how to use them well, this article will help you to know the advantages of how to apply lip makeup with a brush. With this simple method, you will be able to outline and highlight, even more, your precious lips to look more beautiful.
How to make up lips with a brush

  Here are the steps to follow:

  If you want to give prominence to your mouth and make the most of your lips, making them up with a brush is the perfect way to achieve it. You must keep in mind that lips are a very important part of our face that we must take good care of, and having them always with a touch of shine or color will improve our image. Remember: the eyes and the mouth are the two main focal points of our face, so make them up properly!

  Make up the lips with a brush is the best way to achieve a more perfect and professional result. With lipstick, it often happens that you overhang the edge of the lip or that you don't define the profile perfectly. Therefore, we recommend the use of a brush to improve the finish.

  Before painting your lips, you should moisturize and exfoliate them. Remember to keep them well cared for and with these two steps you will remove impurities - such as dry skin -, clean them and, at the same time, help the lipstick to adhere much better.

  Once you have removed skin and dead cells, you should go over the contour of your lips to outline them. To do this properly, we recommend starting in the center and then moving to both sides of the lips. Remember that you will be painting them with a brush, so it will be like painting a drawing: the outline will be the line that you cannot go beyond. As for the color of the outline, if you don't want it to be noticeable, use a neutral color and if you want it to stand out, raise it a couple of shades. With the lip liner, you will be able to frame and define them more.

  Next, fill in the inside of the lip with the brush. To do this, it is advisable to use a short, narrow, stiff-haired brush to achieve a better result. You can find them in any beauty and make-up store. When painting the lips, you can go from the inside to the outside. For a more professional result, use a little gloss in the center once you have finished filling in the lips.

  Applying lip makeup with a brush has many advantages, among them, achieving a more precise and perfect result. This is a trick used by professional make-up artists, as it is the best way to outline and define the lips better. On the other hand, it is a much more hygienic system, since you can clean the brush once you have finished and save it for a new use.

  Finally, it should be noted that the duration of this type of makeup is greater, since the lipstick is much better fixed to the skin. Also, by applying lipstick with a brush, you can achieve the intensity you want, depending on how many times you pass the brush and the amount of lipstick you want to apply, which is almost impossible to achieve with lipstick.

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