What is each makeup brush used for?

  In makeup as in video games if there is something that undoubtedly matters as much or sometimes even more than the product is the tool with which you use it since it will provide a different result depending on what you use.

  The world of makeup is a totally separate world full of things to discover, believe it or not. As it happens with fitness, music, literature or video games, there are technical specifications that only a few get to know, those who really are die-hard fans of the world. In makeup as in video games if there is something that certainly matters as much or sometimes even more than the product is the tool with which you use it, it is clear that the gameplay varies depending on a console or another, right? In aesthetics the same thing happens and so there is a wide variety of brushes and brushes that will give you a different result depending on the type you use. Natural hair brushes, artificial hair, wide, rounded? There are so many models that we are going to detail specifically the use of each of them so that in addition to finding good deals, you get the best tool depending on the result you are looking for. Write it all down!

  1. Eyes

  To make up our eyes we have a great variety of tools, especially if we want to apply eye shadows. We will start with the eyelashes, for example if you want to reach the inner and outer lines you should use an eye liner brush, because thanks to its soft and fine point it will allow you to avoid any gap between the shadow and your lash line. On the other hand, to apply the eye shadow you should use two tools, firstly a special brush to apply eye shadow and secondly, a beveled brush for the eye contour. The first one will allow you to remove the excess product of the shadow and will help you to prevent it from falling on the lower eyelid while the second one will be very useful especially to make up the creases of the eye thanks to its angulation and width. Finally, in case you want to blend the shadow to show off a smoky eye look, you can also use two items, a sponge applicator, ideal for blending, and a blending brush that will help you blend the eyeliner and the shadow, giving you the desired effect mentioned above. As an extra in case you also want a perfect finish on the eyebrows, don't forget to use the eyebrow comb, a brush that will allow you to achieve a perfect length on them.

  2. Face

  If there is one thing we will definitely look for on the face is that the makeup is perfectly spread throughout the skin, trying to find an overall balance. If you are one of those who use liquid foundation, the best thing to do is to apply it with the typical foundation brush as it works better when it comes to blending. Take the product, apply it on the forehead and blend it with the brush all over the face, while picking up more if you need it. Since the brush is so smooth and long, it is perfect for covering blemishes, wrinkles and other imperfections such as scars or redness. On the other hand, if you don't use liquid foundation but rather a blusher, then use a wide brush, just enough to fit perfectly with your cheekbone, especially if you want to highlight your cheek. From there blend the product across the rest of the complexion towards the temples. Once you've applied your makeup completely, opt for a short-handled but wide and open brush, ideal for keeping your makeup from smudging and for touch-ups.

  3. Lips

  We come to another of the specific parts of the face that we usually make up individually as well as the eyes. In this case use a fine brush or a liner pencil. The ideal is to apply small dots with it on the outer edge of your lips and then join them with a lipstick of the same tone so that the finish is complete and full. Apply a gloss with the same brush if you want to show off glossy lips.

  With these tools you know how to show off a perfect and unique makeup.

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