Do newly bought makeup brushes need to be cleaned and how should they be cleaned?

  Just buy back the makeup brush must be cleaned, because the vast majority of makeup brushes are handmade, so there will be less hair not solid, or trimming process attached to the lint is not removed, which is what we say floating hair. This is why it is important to clean the brushes after buying them. The following small to introduce you to the makeup brush cleaning method!
Do newly bought makeup brushes need to be cleaned and how should they be cleaned?

  Brush cleaning method one: soap

  Wet a piece of soap in water, rub your dirty blush brush and foundation brush on the soap and rotate it while pressing, it will clean the dirt. Then just rinse the brush off with warm water and blot it dry with a piece of paper towel.

  Tip: Do not let the brush stick get wet, otherwise there is a risk that the bristles of the brush are looser and fall off.

  Cosmetic brush cleaning method two: kitchen sponge with detergent

  Pour a little detergent on the sponge, use the brush to scrub the sponge several times, wash it with warm water, wipe off the remaining dirt with a clean towel or cotton cloth, then put the brush flat to dry.

  Makeup brush cleaning method three: olive oil

  Because both eye and lip makeup carry oil, and oil-oil dissolves, olive oil is good for cleaning small eye and lip makeup brushes. In addition, olive oil has a softening maintenance effect on the bristles. Method: Dip the bristles of the makeup brush in olive oil and press it onto a sponge for wiping, and in a short time, you will see the residual cosmetic clumps coming off the brush.

  Brush cleaning method 4: water + detergent

  1, use water to soak the eyeshadow brush, let it fully wet. Then take out the special makeup brush cleaner that you have purchased and squeeze the right amount of the cleaner onto the brush.

  2: Gently press the brush with your fingers to remove the makeup and dirt from the brush, and then rinse it. Repeat the pressing and cleaning steps until the makeup and dirt are completely removed.

  3, Finally, rinse the brush with the cleaning agent, dirt, etc., you can use a clean towel to dry the water in the brush, and then lay it flat on top of the towel and wait for it to dry naturally before putting it away.

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