What are the advantages of expensive makeup brushes compared to cheap ones?

  The price of a makeup brush is determined by the bristles of the brush, there are many kinds of bristles, the bristles are not the same on the makeup effect difference is obvious, the skin texture is very tender, if the brush bristles are too rough, will affect the makeup effect will also tie the skin of the face. So what are the advantages of expensive makeup brushes compared to cheap ones?
What are the advantages of expensive makeup brushes compared to cheap ones?

  1. Makeup brushes are divided into fiber and animal hair and mixed hair, poor fiber hair, no difference in the quality of the hair, and clothing store model head kind.

  2. The price is generally under ten dollars. Very solid, used in the face very painful, poor ability to grasp the powder, not easy to color.

  3. Cheap makeup brush halo effect is very poor, easy to appear color block, and very easy to fall hair, sweep in the face will fall a lot of broken hair, it is difficult to clean up.

  4. The joint is made of poor-quality glue, which falls off when it meets water and cannot be cleaned.

  5. Ordinary fiber hair, the hair is very soft and fluffy, the hair is very fine, the price is about ten to one hundred dollars. Very soft, not irritating to the skin, but the ability to grab the powder is very poor, it is difficult to color.

  6. Ordinary fiber hair has no support and halo in, can not halo. There will also be the case of falling hair or falling glue. If the pursuit of the brush is not very high, buy a brush of fiber bristles to loose powder that is very good, very fluffy, very comfortable on the face.

  7. Poor grip on powder is not a problem for loose powder, but also makes the makeup very light. One more feature of cheap makeup brushes is that there are usually only loose powder brushes flat eyeshadow brushes lip brushes and eyebrow sweepers, and a few other brushes that will be used.

  8. People who are particular about their makeup brushes will not buy the kind of brushes that are very cheap, and then they have no need to produce multifunctional brushes.

  9. Animal hair brushes. Generally made of natural animal hair. According to the quality of good or bad is also divided into several kinds. After special processing of the bristles, the softness is moderate, the face is very comfortable, the hair has some support.

  10. Strong grip powder. Animal hair brushes can be used for creams, liquids, powders, etc. The design is more scientific. More suitable for the contour of the face, better grasp, more types, fine classification, elaborate production, better quality.

  Cheap makeup brushes are poor experience, quality is not guaranteed is not recommended, and for people with poor skin quality, the bristles of makeup brushes can also lead to skin allergies and lacerate the skin and other hazards, so try to pick a good quality when picking makeup brushes.

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