What are the dangers of not washing makeup brushes for a long time?

  What are the dangers of not washing makeup brushes for a long time? As people become more and more dependent on cosmetics, makeup becomes a daily necessity, and there are many beginners who do not know how to use makeup brushes, do not know how to clean them, and simply do not wash them, but do you know what harm will result from not cleaning makeup brushes, let's take a look below.
What are the dangers of not washing makeup brushes for a long time?

  The harm caused by not cleaning makeup brushes on the skin

  1, we need so many brushes in makeup to make a delicate makeup, if you use a long time not wash the makeup brush will lead to acne allergies on the face, acne on the face makeup brush is the culprit, long-term do not clean them, beauty brush into a disfiguring brush. Especially foundation brushes and wet use brushes, if not timely cleaning, the bacteria breeding in the bristles will cause great harm to the fragile skin.

  Cleaning method: cleaning brushes must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, as well as blowing dry with a hair dryer and other methods, are very wrong, this will only make your brush wash "open flower", no recovery possible. Brush is not to dirty affect the use of cleaning, like foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes and other wet brushes, very easy to produce bacteria to harm the skin, at most ten days to clean, blush brush, powder brush and other dry brushes, two to three months to clean once on.

  2, long time not to clean the makeup brush because the makeup brush will stick to the skin when wiping the skin oil, after repeated use of cosmetics will occur after a qualitative change, when the cosmetics can not be used, and makeup brush bristles used for too long without cleaning will also leave a lot of cosmetic residue, the second use of the effect of makeup is not good control.

  Cosmetic brush cleaning steps

  (1) After each use of the makeup brush, it should be brushed lightly in the direction of the bristles on a dry paper towel to wipe away excess residual cosmetics.

  (2) Take care to maintain it once a week, soak the brush in a special cleaning agent, clean it along with the bristles, and rinse it with cold water. Finally, use facial tissue to absorb the water with light pressure.

  (3) Put the brush in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally after cleaning, do not use a hair dryer to dry, otherwise it may cause damage to the bristles.

  (4) After washing, you can also use conditioner and rinse it with clean water to make the bristles softer.

  The correct way is to use clean water, wet with the brush in the natural direction

  Use a special powder brush cleaning product and gently brush back and forth on your palm

  If the brush is dirty, there are many brush cleaners on the market.

  What harm will be caused by not cleaning the makeup brush for a long time? The content is here, makeup brushes do not need to be washed every day, if you use it very often a week at least 3-5 times to wash the best, it should be noted that when cleaning makeup brushes should not be vigorously pressed makeup brush bristles, will lead to makeup brushes hair splitting and hair loss.

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