How to make an eyeliner brush look clean

  An eyeliner brush is a brush that is used to draw eyeliner. However, the brush itself does not come with color, but is a makeup tool that is used in conjunction with eyeliner cream or water-soluble eyeliner.
How to make an eyeliner brush look clean

  Eyeliner brushes have two types of bristles: short flat bristles and long thin bristles. Basically, the flat, short bristles are better to control and more comfortable to use. A good eyeliner brush can evenly pick up the color of the eyeliner cream and apply it evenly and smoothly. When choosing one, look for the part of the bristles that is tight and without splitting.

  The eyeliner brush comes out with a cleaner finish and goes on faster and more accurately, although it is not as controllable as an eyeliner pencil in use. Therefore, it is advisable for makeup novices to use an eyeliner pencil to get started.

  1. Using a black eyeliner pencil, outline the eyeliner in small movements between the eyes on the upper eyelid. It doesn't matter if it's slightly crooked.

  2. Using a cotton swab, gently move the outer eyeliner from the corner to the end of the eye, making sure not to forget to smudge it.

  3. Re-dipping the eyeshadow, apply it from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye about 2 cm in width.

  4. This time use a black liquid eyeliner and carefully fill in one gap along the inside of the lash root.

  5. Before brushing on the mascara, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. To get the best results, curl your lashes in three separate sections: root, middle, and tip.

  6. Hold the eyeliner brush horizontally and carefully apply the brush from the root of the lashes to the tip. It is best to apply the brush in an upward motion.

  7. After brushing the entire lash, repeat the brush for the end of the eye in an outward direction. This time, focus on the tips of the lashes.

  8. Before the mascara dries completely, use a lash comb to carefully comb through the lashes. This creates a well-defined effect at the roots.

  Remember to wipe off any excess residue on the eyeliner brush with a clean paper after each use, and after a while, use a cotton pad with eye and lip makeup remover to clean the brush head.Makeup brush manufacturer

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