What are the points to note when applying lipstick with a lip brush?

  I believe that many lovelies have a similar experience: when watching beauty gods use lip brushes to draw lipstick, they always marvel at their cool techniques, and the lip makeup they draw is so beautiful.
What are the points to note when applying lipstick with a lip brush?

  But when you get your own lip brush and start to use it, you are so busy that you can't draw it well. In fact, the use of Yaxiangli lip brush is also a skill, master these methods below, exquisite lip makeup is completed!

  1, with a lip brush first outline lip shape

  How many fairies are the same as bubble sauce, using a lip brush to draw lipstick, the first step is to fill in the lip color first? After countless experience summing up, bubble sauce found that if you want to lip makeup beautiful, the right thing to do is to outline the lip shape first.

  Doing this step can clear the border of the lips and also correct the lip shape to some extent. For the cutie with a pretty mouth shape, just dip a lip brush into the right amount of lipstick and outline it according to the original lip shape. For girls with thinner lips, when outlining the lip shape, they bite slightly outward to expand, so that the painted lip makeup will be more plump ~ ~

  2、Fill the lip color from the inside out

  After outlining the lip shape, the next step is to use the lip brush to fill the lip color, but many lovelies do not know that there is actually a technique to supplement the lip color.

  Whether you want to create a gradient lipstick, or want to brush an even lip color, when using a lip brush on lipstick, be sure to follow the order of lipstick from the inside out, and be careful to deal with the border, so that the effect of the brush out will be more natural, lip makeup will also be more full three-dimensional oh ~

  3、Fill in the lip lines with a lip brush

  For girls with dry lips, the most troublesome thing is to show lip lines when applying lipstick. With moisturizing lipstick is okay, once you use matte lipstick, the texture of the mouth will be completely visible, and will pull down the overall makeup.

  For this part of the cutie, bubble sauce recommended that after the first brush lipstick and then carefully take care of the fine lip lines, you can use a lip brush to dip a little lipstick gently fill the gap between the lip lines, so brush out the lip makeup effect will be more perfect it.

  4, stacked lipstick to clean the lip brush first

  Stacked lipstick is a very popular lip makeup painting method, not only to create a gradient lip, but also to create a unique, exclusive lipstick color.

  However, when applying lipstick with a lip brush, you should be careful not to dip back and forth directly between the two lipsticks, as this will affect the color of the lipstick itself and will also cause uneven lip makeup color. The correct approach should be to dip a lipstick to fill a good lip color, use a tissue to clean up the lipstick on the lip brush, and then dip another lipstick oh ~

  5, lip brush to clean from time to time

  With a lip brush, we can easily create a variety of full and beautiful lip makeup. But lip brushes are not the same as lipsticks, if you do not clean up after using them for a long time, the brush head is likely to breed bacteria, very unhygienic.Makeup Brush Manufacturers

  The use of unclean lip brushes is also likely to cause peri-lipiditis, which is not conducive to the health of the lips. So it's best to wash your lip brush with detergent after each use, it will be better!

  The above tips on the use of lip brushes lovelies have mastered ~ the next time you use a lip brush remember to use, out of the lip makeup effect will certainly be more sophisticated 

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