Can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg cleaning solution?

  Makeup brushes are essential for makeup, many people feel that the brush head is dirty and just find a cleaning agent to clean, so is this practice is correct? The following is to give you the answer to the makeup brush can not use the beauty egg cleaning solution to wash it?
Can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg cleaning solution?

  Can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg cleaning solution?

  You can wash your makeup brushes with egg wash. It is also a neutral detergent, so occasionally you can use it to clean your brushes without damaging the bristles too much. However, if you use it for a long time, it may cause some damage. Because the beauty egg is in contact with cream or liquid powder cream, it requires more cleaning power. Makeup brushes are in contact with easily washable powders, and too much cleaning power can damage the bristles.

  How often to wash the makeup brush

  Synthetic bristles are washed once a week and animal bristles are washed once every two weeks. If you wear makeup frequently, it is best to wash synthetic bristles once every three days and animal bristles once a week. It is important not to let the brush handle soak in water for a long time, because the handle is usually made of wood and it is easy to get moldy when it touches water.Makeup Brush Manufacturers

  What happens if you don't wash your brushes?

  Every time you use a makeup brush, the bristles come into contact with the makeup and the skin. This process generates and contaminates different kinds of bacteria, and by coming into contact with the skin again, the bacteria will eventually enter deep into the skin and form acne pimples or enlarged pores. Secondly, the makeup brush will be stained with various powder cosmetics due to prolonged use, and the degree of coloring and fitting of cosmetics will be greatly reduced when applying makeup again.

  The difference between makeup brushes and makeup eggs

  The makeup brush does not eat powder, and it can retain the maximum coverage of the foundation itself, so the effect of even skin tone is particularly good, but it is easy to leave powder marks, so you need to pay attention to the makeup application method.

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