How long is the average life span of a cosmetic brush?

  Before buying a lot of brushes, animal hair, fiber bristles are available, the number of times used is not much, not much cleaning, this time to use, can still use? Makeup brushes are the necessary makeup tools for every woman, but makeup brushes also have a service life, so about how long the makeup brush can be used, the following small to say for you.
How long is the average life span of a cosmetic brush?

  If you don't use your makeup brushes, you should clean them and save them or put them away. As for whether it can still be used, are first cleaned to see the next, after drying to see the softness of the brush and grip powder force is still okay. Otherwise, you can only buy another makeup brush.

  In general, the life of the makeup brush is about a year.

  Brush cleaning and maintenance

  Usually after the makeup brush is used, it is cleaned daily with cold clear water, or with some mild cleanser, or special detergent for makeup brushes to clean the brush head. If it is animal hair, or more delicate, you can use Johnson's baby shampoo, or soap is also possible, because there will be a certain amount of oil, not easy to make the brush hair fried.

  With the brush washing tools will be more convenient, such as washing the brush pad, relatively large, more brushes, this wash up is also very convenient, for different brushes, there will be different patterns of the division of the block, will be more detailed. If you are a beginner, you can use two fingers to cover the kind of very small can also wash the brush egg kind.

  The brush is basically a way to clean by playing circles, so as to wash the cleaner, but the action must be gentle, not too vigorous! If it is a brush of animal hair, we must treat it differently, remember to use the usual direction you use the brush to decide the direction you wash the brush, that is to say, the grooming brush should be used in a one-way front and back way, not two-way (that is, not a back and forth, to flow with the hair, to ensure a direction, so that it is not easy to blow hair).

  When washing, the brush head should be facing down and the water flowing from the top. If the brush head up or the entire brush in the water, you think you wash clean, but in fact, the water is easy to stay to the bristles and brush bar connection, so that the wooden brush handle is easy to crack la.

  After rinsing it with water, wipe it with a cotton towel again, on the one hand, to ensure that the top is washed clean without makeup residue, on the other hand, it can absorb excess moisture and dry faster. But remember to brush in one direction with the hair oh, so not easy to blow up the hair.

  The last is drying air-drying. Put in a ventilated and cool place is good, do not expose to the sun. You can use the drying brush rack, after cleaning, brush bristles smooth, brush head down vertically into a cool and ventilated place to blow dry, and wait for it to dry naturally. If it is some halo brush or a relatively loose brush, after washing found a little fried bristles? It does not matter, with a protective sleeve on, after drying or the same as the original.Makeup Brush Manufacturers

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