The wonderful use of makeup brushes, so you have a natural makeup

  Makeup brushes are important tools that we need to use in the makeup process, but there are many people who just started to learn makeup are not very good at using makeup brushes, and even some makeup time is not short girls feel that the makeup brushes are not good, this is because we do not know enough about the use of makeup brushes, makeup brushes with good is definitely able to add points to the makeup. First of all, let's understand what are some of the common classifications of makeup brushes: foundation brush, loose powder brush, cosmetic brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, brow powder brush, blush brush. These are some of the types that we can often use in makeup. Of course, with the continuous improvement of makeup technology will use more and more types of makeup brushes, but for makeup is only a daily personal hobby, these types are enough. In these types will also be subdivided into a number of different brush heads makeup brushes. The following is a brief introduction to the basic use of these brushes.

  1. Foundation brush

  Foundation brush with foundation use is Z good, it on the powder evenly, fast makeup, makeup feel light, not easy to have brush marks. And compared to the beauty egg, makeup brushes eat less powder.

  2. Loose powder brush

  The use of loose powder brush is dipped in the appropriate amount of loose powder light brush in the face, brush loose powder can create a matte makeup, especially for oily skin girls, loose powder makeup is necessary, or go out for a half hour of shopping, on the oily face, painted in a delicate makeup are wasted.

  3. Trimming brush

  The brush includes a highlighting brush, a finishing brush, and a nose shadow brush. The highlighting brush is mainly used for local brightening after makeup, you can choose beige or pink pearl powder lightly brushed in the middle of the forehead chin and blush position, the overall enhance the sense of translucency makeup. The role of the trim brush is to make the facial contour more three-dimensional, trim powder is generally curry and white with the heavy color part of the hairline and cheekbone, with white will be the nose and forehead and face and other places that need to stand out to brighten up, so as to create a more European and American style of makeup, trim with a good, face-shaped problems can be perfectly trimmed. Nasal shadow brush, because the nose is relatively small but also very need to create a three-dimensional feeling, so to have a special small nasal shadow brush, the use of nasal shadow brush, dipped in a dark color repair, from the eyebrows down to the sides of the nose, and then dipped in the highlights painted in the middle of the nose root transition to natural.

  4. Eye shadow brush

  Eye shadow brush has a base eye shadow brush, slant head eye shadow brush, sleeper eye shadow brush. Most of the eye shadow brushes are flat and rounded, used to paint a large area of the eye color base, mostly used for single-color eye shadow. Slant-headed eye shadow brush is used to draw the eye heavy color contour, drawing out the sense of jaggedness. The sleeper brush is mainly used to draw the lower eye shadow, with a color similar to the eye makeup, painted on the lower eye silhouette, and then highlighting. This is the perfect eye shadow to create a good.

  5. Lip brush

  Lip brush is not only used for lip color, it can also create biting lip makeup, the transition is very natural, or after painting lip makeup with a lip brush to trim the lip contour, so that the makeup is more sophisticated

  6. eyebrow powder brush

  The girl who always draws eyebrows badly pay attention to the dry goods to come, using the eyebrow powder brush dipped in eyebrow powder, first determine the head and tail of the eyebrow, the two places connected, draw a comfortable outline, in the middle of the filling on the eyebrow color, so that the good-looking eyebrow shape is drawn.

  7. Blush brush

  Many girls say they can't draw blush, in fact, it's much simpler to use a blush brush, dip it into the appropriate color of today's overall makeup blush gently brush in the location of the cheekbone under the eye, so that this year's Z popular yuan gas blush makeup is OK, is not very simple it.

  After Z need to pay attention to: makeup brush itself is placed outside is very easy to produce bacteria, the usual cleaning work must be done, a week to clean 1 to 2 times, with a special makeup brush cleaning solution is very convenient, after cleaning must be placed in a ventilated place to dry after use.

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