How to draw three-dimensional makeup with makeup brush

  In order to show a small face, the beauty loving girls make a lot of effort to play shadows on the jaws of the cheeks, but the effect of the five features is not three-dimensional, but also looks dirty face. How to use a makeup brush to make a three-dimensional sense of obvious makeup? In fact, you want to highlight the five features to increase the sense of three-dimensional, plus these few tips can make the makeup more three-dimensional!

  The body sense obvious makeup painting method

  In addition to the shadows on the cheeks and nasal shadow, the eye sockets should also pay attention to the shadows, around the eyes with highlights to light up the eyes will be more divine Oh.

  1, in the eye sockets below the eyebrows sunken place, according to the location of the circle in the picture painted on the shadow, not only to make the connection of the nose shadow more natural, but also highlight the eyebrow bone, five features more three-dimensional.

  2, the corner of the eye and eye head circle up the place can be lit with highlights. Highlighting can make the eyes look bigger and more refreshed. Or use pearlescent eye shadow instead of highlight, the effect of shiny and bright is also very beautiful.

  3, blush with the fingertips down the spread, blush effect more natural, and will not be and cheek shadows paste to together, look dirty makeup.

  4, want to highlight the lip makeup, you can use makeup sweep dip a little concealer or foundation painted on both sides of the mouth. This draws a neat and focused lip makeup, and can also trim the lip shape.

  The body is obvious makeup painting

  The secret of five three-dimensional features in addition to the above mentioned, you can also work on the highlights, puffy apple muscle and harmonious makeup, looks even without too much shade, makeup is still very three-dimensional.

  1, if the apple muscle directly hit the highlights will look a little dead white makeup, you can sweep a shallow layer under the eyes in a teardrop shape, so that the makeup drawn is the apple muscle has increased and brightening effect.

  2, on the basis of the highlights on the puff of blush, highlighting the layers of makeup. And laying blush on top of the highlight can make blush, highlight and base makeup more natural and not abrupt.

  3, highlighting the eyebrows is also a good trick to make the features more three-dimensional. Choose an eyebrow pencil similar to the hair color to draw the peak and tip of the eyebrow, makeup looks very spiritual.

  4, afraid to draw concealer or foundation around the lips to share the sense of burden, you can choose to use the eyebrow pencil to outline the upper lip line, which highlights the presence of lip makeup, but also has the effect of trimming the lip contour.

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