Are your makeup brushes clean?

  When you go out every day in all its glory, you always need a large or small makeup brush, but these makeup brushes tend to accumulate bacterial dirt, and these can make the skin condition worse, such as the appearance of seat sores. Especially foundation and eyeliner in a humid environment, it is very easy to breed bacteria and also pollute your next makeup, so makeup brushes also need to be cleaned regularly.

  Clean lip brushes and eyeliner brushes: Because creamy lip glosses tend to stick, use a tissue to wipe the excess lipstick off the lip brush after each use, and if you then want to use a different color lipstick, dip the tissue in eye and lip makeup remover or makeup remover sponge to scrub the lip brush carefully, then wipe it again with a tissue dipped in water. Horse hair lip brushes are easy to lose, so don't use too much force when cleaning.

  Clean the eyebrow brush and mascara brush: If the comb is covered with black mascara or eyebrow powder, it will definitely affect the makeup application effect, so it is important to clean it after each use. The mascara brush can be cleaned after each use by simply wiping the mascara left on it with a tissue. If you feel that your eyebrow brush is particularly dirty, you can use soap to clean it, or you can use a mascara brush to comb out the dirt between the bristles of your eyebrow brush.

  Cleaning eye shadow brushes, blush brushes and powder brushes: If it is a makeup brush made of natural hair, hold the brush at an angle with your hand after each use and gently pluck the bristles to dial off the excess powder; if you want to change the color, you should let the brush dip into enough white powder and then gently shake it off, just wipe it clean with a tissue after dipping it several times.

  After cleaning need to pay attention to

  1, after washing the brush, there is a small action that can not be ignored, is to first absorb the excess water on the bristles with tissue or towel, and then shape the original shape of the brush (pointed brush on the plastic tip, flat brush on the plastic flat, do not let it naturally skewed), let dry the brush will be easy to restore the original shape.

  2, put dry also have skills, Z good horizontal put, not bristles up vertical put, because vertical put easy to let the water flow to the root of the brush adhesion, bristles are more likely to fall off.

  3, must be dry in the shade, never sun, so as not to damage the quality of ultraviolet light, but also easy to make the brush outside dry inside wet, breeding mold.

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