Which is the best cosmetic brush set? Tips for choosing makeup brushes

  Which is the best cosmetic brush set? The following tips for selecting makeup brushes, makeup brushes may not be impressive in the minds of new makeup artists, but from a slag progression to a master or need a little help, makeup brushes are the standard makeup tools for makeup artists, the following I will talk to you about which makeup brushes are good, and how to select makeup brushes.

  Which is the best makeup brush set?

  Primer brush: mainly divided into flat head, round head, tongue and shaped. The flat-head brush is most used daily, on the foundation can take care of a large area, round-head brush is suitable for the texture of thick foundation, tongue and shaped brush more inclined to take care of the nose and other parts.

  Detail brush: including eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, etc. Eyebrow and eyeliner brushes are usually stiffer and easier to control the strength to draw a more smooth and precise eyebrows and eyeliner. Eye shadow brushes include small, medium and large. The small size usually has a stronger grip on the powder and is used for the innermost corner of the eye, the medium size is used for the middle transition color, and the large size is softer and used for large area smudging to make the eye makeup more natural. Of course detailing brushes also include sponge-headed brushes and other brushes for the head of the eye and for highlighting the sleeping silkworms.

  Pick makeup brush tips

  First, pick the brush shape: look at the hair peak

  If the brush bristles are unevenly shaped, it will lead to deviations in makeup placement;

  Insufficient density of bristles will cause the brush not to absorb powder, easy to fall off the slag, makeup is not clean;

  If the brush hair peak texture is even, the bristles are full, the brush shape is rounded, such a brush feels good, the whole look is clean, and the color range under the brush is accurate.

  Second, pick the brush type: look at the function

  A good makeup brush is not only a tool, but also a helper to help the makeup artist A good brush, the part of the hair peak at the end should present a natural curved shape.

  Each brush is divided into functions according to the makeup artist's skills, and the shape of the brush head should help the makeup artist solve problems to the maximum, such as eye shadow falling off, foundation not fitting, eye liner not flowing, etc.

  Third, look at the quality of the hair: look at the amount of hair

  A good set of brushes are not made of one kind of hair, different brushes for different functions will choose different hair quality;

  We can usually summarize these bristles into two main categories.

  Natural bristles (animal hair) and artificial bristles (synthetic fibers), good natural bristles soft and smooth, firm and full structure, the amount of hair is rich and thick, hold the bristles with your fingers, gently downward comb, bristles are not easy to fall off.

  Fourth, makeup comfort: convenience

  A good brush bristles on the makeup comfortable soft bristles skin-friendly force, makeup comfortable, like a breeze and can be a brush multi-purpose, enhance the convenience.

  So how to choose a makeup brush?

  For the sake of the environment you can choose artificial brushes, smooth and flat, the biggest advantage is that you can contact water, cream products, such as foundation, concealer, lipstick can be, and also very washable. Although the texture will be on the hard side, but now you can buy the artificial fiber brush good and cheap, basically do not tie the face.

  Which is the best makeup brush set? I personally recommend the brush head of grey squirrel hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, etc., because such a brush is soft and does not tie the skin, grip powder strength, use more smooth and easy to use. Cosmetics are expensive without a good makeup brush as ineffective, but a good set of makeup brushes can be used to draw a high-level makeup with popular cosmetics.

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