How to use makeup brushes? 5 common sets of brushes tutorial

  How to use makeup brushes? 5 commonly used sets of brush tutorials, recently many people are asking me, we are using makeup supplies is not also to match a good brush or powder puff, otherwise it will not be able to play the effect of makeup supplies. The answer is yes, only with a good use of tools to make the whole makeup supplies in their own face to maximize the effectiveness.

  Today we will talk to you about the use of makeup tools and different special uses. At the same time remind all the girls, makeup tools are considered consumable, so it is best to clean them after each use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, especially brushes should be treated with brush cleaning solution regularly every week! Here is a small introduction to the role of the 5 brushes and how to use them.

  loose powder brush

  Loose powder brush is one of the tools used to set the makeup, it combined with powder or loose powder can play the effect of makeup set. Maintain the integrity of the makeup for 5-6 hours, while being able to achieve the effect of oil control, generally able to create a matte effect of makeup.

  When choosing a loose powder brush, pay attention to whether the bristles are dense and soft. Only soft and dense bristles can not miss the imperfections of the face, for a large area of makeup. The shape of the loose powder brush is generally round and fan-shaped, with the round shape being able to concentrate on sweeping the powder, while the fan shape can take into account the overall contour of the face.

  How to use: Dip the brush into the right amount of powder or loose powder and sweep it gently over the primed face, leaving it on sweat-prone areas (such as the sides of the nose, forehead and chin) for about 5 seconds. Then you can sweep it again along the contours of your face.

  In addition, now that the summer oil skin girls are more oily, you can use a loose powder brush for baking (after a large number of face brush on the powder wait four or five minutes, then use a smaller brush to wipe the face excess loose powder) oil control effect is particularly great.

  foundation brush

  Foundation brush is used for foundation makeup brush. There are generally three kinds, one is a beveled foundation brush - not only can brush foundation in the face, but also as a finishing brush and highlighting brush, generally multifunctional brush; a flat base brush, mainly for facial foundation treatment; there is a round foundation brush, generally used for local makeup effect. For foundation brushes, the most important thing is to choose bristles that are relatively neat, with a certain inclination of the brush head. This not only improves the ability of local coverage, but also allows you to take into account the cheekbones.

  How to use: Dip the foundation brush into an appropriate amount of foundation or dip the palm of your hand into an appropriate amount of foundation and dab it on your forehead, chin and cheeks. (Especially the part with blemishes and acne marks can be overlaid thickly), and then gently sweep away with the foundation brush. If you want to emphasize high coverage, you can use a foundation brush to gently press on the blemishes.

  concealer brush

  The concealer brush is mainly for the local blemishes concealing effect, but also can make the whole makeup look more soft and perfect. Generally for red pimples or pimple marks concealment, it is recommended to use a round concealer brush. For some redness or skin discoloration, a square concealer brush is recommended for large area staining concealment. As for the dark circles under the eyes concealer, generally choose a brush smaller than the pimple concealer brush for concealing, because the dark circles under the eyes are generally long and require detail concealing. And the choice of brush bristles must be soft and natural, try to brush bristles to be more detailed.


  Dab the concealer on the area you need to conceal, such as at red pimples as well as pimple marks, gently press it on the pimple while dealing with the border between the blemish and the surrounding skin to make it look as soft and natural as possible without forming a color difference with the rest of the skin, and finally set it with powder to make the concealer product blend in with the foundation.

  eyeshadow brush

  As the name implies, an eye shadow brush is a tool used to handle eye makeup. Generally speaking, the size of the eyeshadow brush is more compact than the concealer brush and loose powder brush, and the pursuit of the brush bristles is meticulous without hurting the eyes and the bristles are soft and natural. Generally speaking eye shadow brushes can be used for eye shadow priming as well as eye detail smudging. The more flexible the bristles are, the more amazing the makeup application will be. Also take into account and the amount of eyeshadow powder you dip into each time, a brush with softer bristles will not make your eyelids feel burdened.

  How to use: Dip an eyeshadow brush into a small amount of eyeshadow powder or cream and gently sweep it across the eyelid to achieve a rendering effect; if you also want to do eyeliner strokes, choose a smaller eyeshadow brush to gently stroke in one direction at the eyeline. The extension of the deeper lower eyeliner and the outline of the eye shape can be done with an eyeshadow brush.

  Contouring Brush

  It can make our cheekbones look more prominent and make the whole face contour look more three-dimensional.

  The brush is also one of the most important tools for grooming, generally divided into two main categories. One is the facial grooming brush, mainly in the cheekbones, forehead has been the bottom of the lips; one is the body grooming brush, mainly in front of the chest, to create a more three-dimensional visual effect. Generally speaking, most of the grooming brushes are mostly beveled, because the bevel can take into account the angle of the cheekbone; round grooming brushes are less, mostly used to render the cheekbone grooming. The bristles of the brush are delicate and more slender than the foundation brush.

  How to use: first choose a light brown or barley color to play a wide range of cheek cheekbones, and then use a darker brown to play in the cheekbone depression, and then use the trim brush along the direction of the facial bump gently sweep away, must be an angle of the horizontal sweep Oh, try not to destroy the rest of the face makeup color and effect.

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