What kind of makeup brushes are better? How can I tell if a makeup brush is good or bad?

  Makeup brushes are gradually becoming a daily necessity for women, and with this trend, especially under the leadership of the Korean Wave, makeup brushes are gradually adopted by men, and makeup brushes have a variety of materials, for men the skin is rougher to use artificial fiber hair can also be, but most women's skin is more tender and fragile, here I still recommend that women use animal hair is better. Here we look at the kind of makeup brush hair better and how to determine the makeup brush good or bad.

  The bristles of the brush are not all animal hair, but the bristles of any cream or liquid cosmetics must be man-made fibers, because man-made fibers have the best grip on liquids and creams.

  Artificial fiber brushes in addition to dip liquid, cream cosmetics, can also dip powder cosmetics, such as mineral powder, highlighter, blush powder, etc., but in the ability to grasp the powder compared to animal hair is much worse, because the animal hair itself with many barbs invisible to the naked eye, so the ability to grasp the powder is better, there are many powder brushes specifically made of fiber brushes.

  Animal hair is generally divided into pony hair, mink hair, ordinary wool, coarse light front wool, fine light front wool, fine light front wool mixed with gray mouse hair, gray mouse squirrel hair and so on.

  One of the top brush hair should belong to the gray squirrel hair, this brush hair soft and high grip powder power. The next to belong to the fine light front wool, coarse light front wool, fine light front wool mixed with gray squirrel hair of this series. Then the next is wool, pony hair, mink hair series. Mink hair is generally used as an eye shadow brush, while wool is generally used as a large area brush, such as blush brush, shadow brush, side shadow brush, loose powder brush, etc.

  Judging the good and bad makeup brushes

  The most crucial thing is the texture of the bristles. Synthetic bristles are hard to the touch and not easy to brush evenly with color, but it is durable and easy to clean. But some brushes need a certain hardness to achieve better makeup effect, will be a mixture of natural and artificial bristles with.

  Cosmetic brush selection tips

  1, the brush bristles should feel soft and smooth to the touch, the structure is tight and full.

  2, use your fingers to hold the bristles and gently comb down to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off.

  3、Press the brush lightly on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle shape, check whether the cut of the bristles is neat.

  4、Blow the bristles with hot air to distinguish the type: animal bristles if they remain intact, and artificial fibers if the bristles become curly.

  What kind of makeup brushes are better? How to determine the good and bad makeup brushes? The content is introduced here, we may want to carefully observe the changes in the makeup brush in the process of using it, in case you have foresight when using or buying it next time. There are good makeup brush product suggestions can contact customer feedback, we will continue to improve the product.

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