Tips for applying base makeup with makeup brushes

  The makeup artist suggested that you should use a makeup brush to create a base makeup with good texture. Choose the best foundation, and at the same time have a good makeup brush and makeup technique, otherwise it will be counterproductive. To get the most perfect makeup look, of course, first use a foundation brush. To choose a good brush, you must test it on the back of your hand. You can refer to the following suggestions:

  (1) The bristles are elastic

  (2) The bristles do not prick the hand when brushing

  (3) The arc of the bristles can fit on your skin

  1. Flat-tip foundation brush

  Flat-head foundation makeup is suitable for liquid foundation. The popular dropper foundation is recommended to use this type of foundation brush, and the makeup should be applied according to the principle of "bottom-up, left-to-right".

  2. Cylindrical foundation brush

  If you use a thick powder cream, you can use a cylindrical flat-end foundation brush to apply makeup in a circular motion, so that the foundation can be evenly adhered to the skin without the embarrassment of brush marks all over the face.

  (1) Squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of your hand first, and then use a cylindrical foundation brush to evenly touch it.

  (2) The amount taken at one time can be used to brush half of the face, and both cheeks are wiped from the inside to the outside.

  (3) The forehead is also brushed from the eyebrows to both sides, so that the foundation can be evenly adhered.

  (4) Use the brush to apply makeup from the chin along the profile of the face to the front of the ears.

  (5) Finally, use a cylindrical brush all over the face to lightly draw a circle to enhance the skin's luster.

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