How do I care for my makeup brushes?

  Materials Paper towels, shampoo, cotton towels, scotch tape, and utensils for cleaning brushes Method/step

  1 Prepare enough of these items before cleaning the makeup brushes. The makeup brushes are relatively clean with shampoo because the shampoo has the effect of fluffing the hair. There will be split ends after washing the brushes with the shape of the writing. Use shampoo to clean the makeup brushes. The makeup brush can be dried like a new one, so you can use it with confidence. In the process of cleaning the makeup brush, first, add a little shampoo to the container, then wet the makeup brush under the faucet, and dip some shampoo in the container; then brush the makeup brush back and forth on the palm of Such makeup residues will be brushed out. You can also squeeze the makeup brush head with your hand to squeeze out the dirty water in the brush head; then continue to clear other brushes under the faucet, and then put all the cleaned makeup brushes. Run the water together, and if you feel it is not clean, you can repeat the previous cleaning steps.

  2 After cleaning the makeup brushes, put them on a paper towel, wrap them with a cotton towel and press them, and dry the hairs of the brush heads as much as possible; The brush is bifurcated again; then take a paper towel, tear out a paper towel with a diameter of six centimeters, fold it in half, wrap the brush, pay attention to wrapping the metal part as tightly as possible; then use scotch tape on The paper towel is fixed in a circle around the outside, pay attention to wrap it tightly and firmly, and then push it forward to wrap the part of the bristles, wrap it in the metal part of the makeup brush, and push it to the bristles to wrap it; find a hairband or A rubber band holds it in place.

  3. Tie the brush rod of the makeup brush, and then find a place to hang it to dry. But remember to dry the bristles facing down, not up, otherwise, the water will back up and degum the brush stem and metal. Generally, eye makeup brushes can be dried overnight, while facial makeup brushes depend on the weather. Usually, they can be dried overnight in summer, but not in winter. After removing the dry makeup brush tissue cover, the makeup brush will look a little wet. Just use your fingers to push the bristles back and forth, and the makeup brush will naturally fluff up and return to the exact same shape as the new brush.

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