How to store the cosmetic brush after washing and drying?

  There are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market, wash makeup brushes also know is used to brush that part, the most important thing is to understand the material of makeup brushes (bristles), different bristles cleaning method is also different. Here to see how to store makeup brushes after cleaning and drying!

  Fiber bristles makeup brushes

  1, detergent: I think the cleaning power of detergent to wash the foundation brush is the strongest and fastest, the only thing you need to pay attention to is not to add too much. I have added too much, some tie more intensive, such as Shiseido 131 type or toothbrush-shaped foundation brush will have more detergent residue on it is more difficult to wash clean.

  2, alcohol: also easy to wash, better than detergent is fast dry, but for me detergent will be a little more convenient to obtain.

  3, baby shampoo and body wash: if the fiber brush residue paste is not much / use time is short, this wash up is still quite convenient

  4, powder: I used Johnson & Johnson's Sharpie powder, the brush is able to get clean, but always feel less cool.

  animal hair makeup brush: weasel tail hair, wool, horse hair, etc.

  1, mainly with Johnson's baby shampoo and body wash + Dove soap, weasel tail hair to do foundation brushes are generally made into a tongue brush, this shape of the brush I generally use a wash a, will not be very unclean, so usually use one of the same problem is not very big.

  2, wool as above, but the use of personal preference, you can also do without wool foundation brush, can be used for cream repair. Eye shadow, blush, highlighting, and all other powder products.

  3. wool (coarse light front fine light front fine micro light front fine light front), weasel tail hair, pony hair, raccoon hair: Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and body wash

  4. squirrel hair (domestic squirrel hair gray squirrel hair Canadian squirrel hair red squirrel hair): Dove soap

  Each brand of special brush wash / soap is actually much the same, there is no saying that the cleaning power is particularly strong and does not hurt the hair, does not hurt the hair cleaning power will certainly be a little weaker, note that the best alcohol is not used to wash natural hair.

  Cosmetic brush care

  1. care solution: the use of care solution for cleaning, the care of the brush is very good Oh!

  2. iron tooth comb: usually this comb is used to brush away the floating hair, but for the care of some easier to bend or knotted hair has a miraculous effect.

  Generally better hair is not these problems, but the hand of Picasso (domestic squirrel hair), a longer raccoon remaining powder brush and some wool will still have this problem.

  The method is to use the comb at 60° before washing the net, not to force the comb or 90° to comb straightly.

  set net, drying brush

  1, set the net generally use lace net / brush head protection net. Relatively speaking, lace net will be better, some friends reflected that some brush head protection net will make the bristles a little curved, but I have not encountered this situation, or in the use of brush head protection net.

  2, drying brush TB has a drying brush rack, but I think it is better to buy a blue butyl glue back sticky.

  3, do not put in the sun baking / blowing with a hair dryer hot air, in fact, thrown in the air conditioning under the blow dry quite fast.


  If the makeup brush is made of wood, take care not to put it in a humid place, wood is prone to moisture quality changes, also has an impact on the bristles.

  1, do not use makeup remover to wash the brush, or else you have to desperately wash it again with detergent.

  2, the use of too long fiber bristles brush, whether it is used once and then put a week without washing, or used several times, anyway, stained with paste / brush seems to be solidified, there is alcohol soak soon, detergent is also good.

  Cosmetic brushes should be washed diligently, do not use a few weeks and months are not bothered to wash, because the human skin will secrete fat, the fat on the skin will cause cosmetics deterioration or poor results.

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