How to clean makeup brushes without water?

  Makeup brush use, the oil on the skin will get on the bristles, use for a long time if have not been clean, the skin will be a great burden, the accumulation of bacteria will increase the chances of making the skin sensitive and acne, sometimes there is no time to clean but the brush and dirty to the point that some foundation brushes have been used to full of foundation, when using the face are brush marks.

  Without water, you can only clean powder makeup brushes, such as eye shadow brushes. Blush brushes, powder brushes. Here are 3 ways to clean makeup brushes without water.

  Method 1: Makeup brush spray + kitchen napkin

  How to use: spray makeup brush spray on kitchen napkin, makeup brush gently on the paper back and forth a few times, to be dry, then you can use again, do not spray the spray directly on the makeup brush, there will be damage to the makeup brush, and the reason for using kitchen paper towels is thicker, general toilet paper may be sprayed after a brush on the broken, makeup brush spray is not limited to brands, many counter brands are out.

  Method 2, kitchen napkins (advanced version + honey powder)

  How to use: Kitchen napkins can generally remove most of the residual makeup on the makeup brush, but if you still feel that it is not clean enough, you can add the powder into an advanced version, the makeup brush with powder, evenly "wrapped in powder" after shaking off the remaining powder, and then take the kitchen napkin to brush back and forth a few times, this method is suitable for not too dirty. If you don't have a makeup brush with too many bright colors, take a large jar of loose powder type powder that you can't use up or use less, it's less painful to use, I usually use a large jar of FANCL powder, the photo is a mini Laura Mercier transparent powder.

  Method 3: Clean your makeup brush with a sponge

  How to use: Brush the brush gently back and forth on the sponge, the dense spaces on the sponge can clear off the powder on the brush, the same is suitable for use with dry powder makeup brushes, especially eye brushes, only a few brushes but want to complete multi-color eye makeup, this is an absolute must! Multi-color eye makeup is most afraid of color mixing, resulting in eye makeup looks very dirty, simple steps plus a few seconds to clean the makeup brush, very convenient, the sponge dirty can be turned over to use; both sides are dirty can also be washed and reused, or simply buy a new piece of replacement, you can also make your own.

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