How to use the face wash brush correctly?

  Brush wash brush to make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional, eyebrow comb, eyebrow comb is a two-sided planning, comb side can be used to organize the eyebrow shape, easy to repair the eyebrow, hair comb side can be used to sweep the remaining hair and impurities in the eyebrow, lip brush, lip brush bristles are generally a little hard, and the brush head is very small, so that you can better control the brush head, and then depict a more three-dimensional overview.

  Use light-colored pearlescent eyeshadow applied to the entire eyelid, the right amount of evenly smeared, light-colored eyeshadow applied to the eye sockets, pay attention to the right amount, otherwise it will make the whole eye look very Buddha puffy, using light gold eyeshadow with coffee-colored local stacked swoosh, so that the entire eyeshadow on the color more brightly shimmering, and then dipped into the light brown eyeshadow and then stacked swoosh.

  The brush will be sideways, with the pointed side of the dip red brown, stick to the lash line brush in the outer corner of the 1/2 position, the outer corner of the eye drooping people do not draw this step, dark color will pull the outer corner of the eye lower, in fact, dressing brushes are flexible use of things, not necessarily what I introduced must be suitable for your dressing approach.

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