How to clean the powder brush of the makeup brush tool?

  How to clean the powder brush of the cosmetic brush tool? The powder brush in the makeup brush set is different from other makeup brushes for different reasons, when cleaning, the powder brush cleaning should be separated from other makeup brushes cleaning methods, using the correct way of cleaning the powder brush can extend the life of the powder brush, so that the bristles remain in the best condition more smoothly, the following will look at how to clean the powder brush.

  Honey powder brushes are available in thin, flat brushes (flat and slightly rounded bristles are available) and are a favorite of many professional makeup artists. Honey powder brushes can help you draw an even makeup look and can be used both wet and dry.

  There are two types of cleaning for honey powder brush: dry cleaning and wet cleaning

  1、Dry cleaning method of honey powder brush

  Honey powder brush dry cleaning is the first used brush with honey powder, that is, setting powder, on the paper towel in a direction evenly brush until the honey powder brush cosmetics are stained on the paper will be good!

  2、Wet wash honey powder brush method

  Honey powder brush in doing wet cleaning to avoid violent cleaning, wet cleaning is generally once a month, use warm water with shampoo or soap soak 12 minutes, then remove the back of the hand and press, along with the hair to squeeze out the stain and then wash the brush with running water to dry on a dry towel.

  Honey powder brush used for a long time without cleaning, the effect is not good, after each use can be cleaned with makeup remover, you can also use a special cleaning solution, not that it must be washed and new, at least the top of the eyeliner cream to get clean, otherwise it will reduce the life of the honey powder brush, and not clean the bristles will become hard after use.Makeup Brush Manufacturers

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