The role of the eyeliner brush and how to clean it

  Eyeliner brushes are usually used in cream or liquid eyeliner products, suitable for stippling the highlights around the eyeballs, making the eyeballs more convex, making the eyes look more charming and more spiritual.

  How to clean the eyeliner brush:

  1. Pour the cleaning agent into a container, and the standard is that it can almost cover the brush head. Don't add water. Soak all the brushes in the cleaning agent, stir in one direction until the color of the cleaning agent is no longer darker, and then rinse it with clean water, or if you want to wash it thoroughly, pour some cleaning agent, and clean it with the method just now. Dry with paper towels and dry in the shade. This cleaning method is super expensive, but because the brushes cleaned by this method generally do not need to be cleaned frequently, it is OK to focus on cleaning once for a period of time.

  2. This is actually just a cheap replacement for the cleaning agent used. You can use cleansing oil. If you think cleansing oil is still expensive, it is generally recommended to use olive oil, a pure plant oil.

  3. If you use a good brush, then you must use a professional cleaning agent. This cleaning is not only for cleaning your brush, but also for sterilization (generally containing alcohol), hair care, These are the kind of ordinary vegetable oils or cleansing oils that cannot be compared.
  In order to get a better experience and protect our skin, cosmetic brushes need to be replaced regularly. This article gives you the details on how often to replace your makeup brushes.

  Commonly used eyeliner brushes are:

  Mink hair eyeliner brush, nylon eyeliner brush and horsehair eyeliner brush.

  ﹝一﹞Mink hair eyeliner brush: It has excellent polymerizability, elasticity and durability, and the hair peaks are fine and elastic. It is widely used in teaching and professional makeup.

  ﹝2﹞Nylon hair eyeliner brush: It has better polymerizability and elasticity, but after using for a long time, the hair tip will be bent. It can be used for teaching and professional makeup.

  ﹝Three﹞Horsehair eyeliner brush: slightly less polymerizable and elastic, generally less used.

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