How to avoid makeup brush bristles fall out?

  First of all, the water temperature for washing makeup brushes should not be too high. I personally think that it is a little warm to the touch, and it is enough not to be cold. At the same time, try not to let the nozzle get wet with water, which can reduce the bristles of the makeup brush caused by peptization. When brushing makeup, it is best to use the left and right flat brushes or circular motions. Don’t pull the brush head hard. If you wash with this method, the hairs that fall off are basically short or broken hairs that are not tied up. After the makeup brush is finished, use a absorbent towel or paper towel to gently squeeze from the nozzle to the hair peak to absorb the moisture. Do not rub with a towel, let alone rub it hard, and then hang it upside down or lay it flat to dry.
How to avoid makeup brush hair loss?

  When using makeup brushes, try to apply makeup in a gentle manner along the direction of the bristles. Do not let the bristles come into contact with hard and sharp objects. You can try it. Use eyebrow trimming tweezers to gently hold a fine light wool. Without force, the bristles are already broken.

  Most of the makeup brushes we use are dyed or bleached and rarely have natural hair color. The dyed bristles may fade during the first few washes. At this time, the bristles are basically floating color, and they can be washed after a few more washes. At that time, in the future use process, there will be some factors that will cause the bristles of the makeup brush to fade again. At this time, we must pay attention to whether our method of use is appropriate.

  If the same makeup brush will fade every time you wash it, you should pay attention to whether you are using the correct detergent. After we dye our hair, hair stylists usually remind us to wash our hair with a mildly acidic shampoo, and the water temperature should not be too high, so that the color can last longer. In the same way, alkaline cleaners and high water temperatures can also cause bristles to fade.

  If your makeup brushes do not notice obvious color fading, but the bristles become lighter with time, it may be that your brushes have been exposed to sunlight for a long time.

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