The 6 Eyebrow Trends and How to Do Eyebrow Makeup in 2023

With your usual morning coffee in hand and a catchy tune playing in your head, you set off for work. As you stroll down the street, attempting to retrieve your ringing phone from your pocket, you accidentally bump into someone. Looking up to apologize, you are taken aback... because the person is missing eyebrows! Quite scary, isn't it?

Eyebrow makeup is a crucial element of any makeup routine, as it makes you look human (as per universally accepted characteristics) and helps define and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

The year 2023 brings new trends and techniques to the world of eyebrow makeup, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest looks. We will start with the 6 eyebrow trends of 2023 followed by an easy tutorial, guiding you through the step-by-step process of achieving flawless eyebrows in 2023. From shaping and filling to grooming and setting, we will cover everything you need to know to create stunning eyebrows that complement your unique features.

The 6 Eyebrow Trends of 2023

In 2023, eyebrows have become a focal point of eye-catching trends. From slim and sleek bows to wild and undone brows, each style features a classic look. Here are the six biggest eyebrow trends of the year.
  1.  Fluffy Brows
Fluffy brows emphasize a natural, untamed look. This trend involves brushing the eyebrows upward and using a clear brow gel or wax to hold them in place, creating a textured and full appearance. As the name suggests the eyebrows look fluffy and natural.
  1.  Colored Brows
Colored brows allow for creative expression by using colored eyebrow products, such as gels or pencils, to add a pop of color to the eyebrows. This trend can be subtle or bold, depending on the chosen shade.
  1.  Bleached Brows
Bleached brows make a statement by lightening the natural color of the eyebrows. This trend creates a striking contrast with the hair and can be achieved through professional bleaching or using brow-lightening products.
  1.  Slim and Skinny Brows
This trend focuses on creating thin and precise eyebrows for a sleek and polished look. It involves careful shaping and grooming to achieve a defined arch and clean lines. The slim and skinny look is meant to bring back the 90s vibes.
  1.  Textured Brows
Textured brows have gained popularity for their natural and effortless appeal. This trend embraces the natural texture of the eyebrows by lightly filling them in and brushing the hairs upward, creating a soft and feathery appearance.
  1.  Ombré Brows
Ombré brows feature a gradient effect, starting lighter at the inner corner and gradually darkening towards the tail. This technique is achieved using a brow powder or a combination of lighter and darker brow pencils. By softly blending the colors, the brows achieve a seamless transition from a softer shade to a more defined hue, creating a natural and dimensional look. This trend adds depth and shape to the eyebrows, enhancing the overall facial features.

How to Do Eyebrow Makeup 2023

Specific details may vary depending on the makeup look you are going but here’s an easy tutorial for eyebrow makeup.
  1.  Shaping Your Eyebrows
The first step in achieving perfect eyebrow makeup is shaping your eyebrows to suit your face shape. Use a spoolie brush to comb your eyebrows upward, and trim stray hairs extending beyond your natural eyebrow shape.

Next, use an eyebrow pencil or a small brush with an eyebrow powder to outline the desired shape of your eyebrows. Remember to follow your natural arch and create a soft, gradual taper towards the outer ends.
  1.  Filling in the Eyebrows
To create full and defined eyebrows, filling them in is essential. In 2023, natural-looking eyebrows are on-trend, so opt for products that mimic the appearance of real brow hairs. Eyebrow pencils, pomades, or powders can be used to fill in sparse areas and add depth to your eyebrows.

Start by lightly filling in the gaps with short, feathery strokes that mimic the direction of hair growth. Avoid using too much product at once, as it can result in a harsh and unnatural appearance.
  1.  Grooming the Eyebrows
Well-groomed eyebrows are a must for a polished makeup look. Use a clear brow gel or a tinted brow gel that matches your eyebrow color to set your eyebrows in place. Comb the gel through your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth, ensuring each hair is in place.

This step will help maintain the shape and hold your eyebrow makeup throughout the day. Additionally, if your eyebrows tend to be unruly, use a small amount of hairspray on a clean spoolie brush and gently brush it through your brows for extra hold.
  1.  Enhancing the Eyebrow Makeup
To further enhance your eyebrow makeup in 2023, consider adding some additional steps and techniques. First, try using a concealer or a highlighter along the brow bone to define the shape and make your eyebrows stand out. Apply the product using a small, flat brush and blend it well for a seamless finish.

Additionally, using a brow powder or pencil that is slightly lighter than your natural brow color, creates small strokes or dots at the beginning of your eyebrows to achieve a more natural and soft look.


In conclusion, 2023 has introduced a diverse range of eyebrow trends that offer individuals the opportunity to express themselves and explore their creativity. Whether you prefer natural and full brows or bold and defined ones, there is a style to suit every personal preference. The trends of fluffy brows, providing a soft and textured appearance, and colored brows, adding a playful touch, have gained significant popularity.

To achieve flawless eyebrows, it is essential to follow a step-by-step guide for eyebrow makeup, which includes shaping and filling them. Regular grooming of the eyebrows can further enhance their natural beauty. For reliable assistance and professional makeup tools, Gracedo is an excellent resource. You can explore their official website or contact them via email for personalized guidance and product recommendations. Embrace these eyebrow trends, elevate your makeup game, and discover the perfect eyebrow style that accentuates your unique features in the year 2023.
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