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After 8 years at Shenzhen, 5 years at Yuanmmei Beauty Apparatuses CO., LTD. She has changed from a rookie to a professional, from a girl to a mother

8 years ago, when she was 20 years old, a young girl came to this big city with dreams. Everything from scratch, find a house, find a job, make friends. In this process, she encountered many difficulties, such as finding a house and being cheated of a deposit. Fortunately, three years later, she came to Gracedo3 years later, she came to Gracedo and loves the homey working environment.

5 years ago, during her first week in Gracedo , she was touched when her boss invited her home for a barbecue.

In the work, encountered any difficulties, colleagues will be very enthusiastic to help her.

Every quarter, the company throws a big party for colleagues whose birthdays are celebrated.

Every time you have a breakthrough at work, your co-workers have to go out to dinner to celebrate.

During the five years she worked at Yumei, she got married and had two babies. As a married working woman with a child, the work will be harder, but her love for her family is also the biggest motivation for her to work hard

In the future, her greatest hope is to make Yuanmei's cosmetic appliances recognized by more customers, and also hope that her baby can grow up healthy and happy.

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