Color makeup to raise skin extension, the market "fission" into the second half

Demand for multifunctional products continues to grow, with 67 percent of Chinese women wishing to cut down on the number of makeup steps they take, according to a survey of the beauty industry conducted by Ouray International. Therefore, the collection of skin care and makeup in one of the color makeup products favored by more and more consumers. The official statement of the foundation product is that it is a copy of Empress Dowager Cixi's cosmetic formula "Yu Rong Shan" + white water lily, peony, camellia + amino acids. Hot selling products such as powder and powder also use various flower extracts as the main ingredient. Since its birth, flower west son has taken root in the field of color makeup by virtue of the concept of "nourishing the skin with flowers". Gaining market and public praise, Huaxi Zi's GMV ranked first in the whole network of Chinese cosmetics in April this year, achieving the first time for a local brand GMV to surpass international brands.


Skin with makeup True Efficacy or False Proposition? Raise skin type color makeup has controversy is also not without reason, is the so-called "skill industry has specialized." The differences between skin care products and cosmetics in their essential properties determine their functional expression. The difference between skin care products and cosmetics is not only the compatibility of the basic formula, but also the way the active ingredients are used. As we all know, the mechanism of skin care products is to regulate the internal ecological balance of skin through the penetration of active ingredients, that is, "adduction"; And the attention dot of colour makeup is makeup effect, as a result of the component such as powder of adhesive agent, talcum, essence and titanium dioxide have certain harm to the skin, to avoid the skin to absorb these components, had then "isolation" this one step.


The concept of skin-nourishing makeup was first popular in Japan and South Korea. In addition to the commonly used ingredients of makeup, skin-nourishing makeup will follow the concept of skin care, such as adding essence, extract and other skin-nourishing ingredients to the foundation liquid to achieve moisturizing, whitening, anti-oxidation and other effects to improve the skin state. Among them, natural, mild and safe plant extracts are the common "skin nourishing" ingredients of the brand. According to the Top 30 list of effective ingredients that consumers pay close attention to released by Meili Shinjian, in addition to common hot ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide and squalane, plant extracts such as Centella asiatica extract and liquorice root extract also account for nearly half of the total. The survey found that both in marketing and product applications, these ingredients began to gradually expand into the field of makeup, and many Chinese and international brands also entered the skin-nourishing color makeup track.


In recent years, the fire of the Japanese Red Earth maintenance foundation liquid added Angelica, ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and other precious plant ingredients; International brand Bobbi Brown Cordyceps Foundation with sodium hyaluronate, lavender, lychee, cordyceps sinensis and other essence ingredients to regulate skin; Front Cover, a British beauty brand that specialises in tech skincare, has launched a soothing anti-allergic blend of caffeine and red myrrh alcohol on its blushers and a set powder with White Roof Essence...... The evaluation organization of the special research ingredients found through the study of these skin nourishing ingredients, most of the essence, plant extracts can only play a role in antioxidant, moisturizing and other basic functions, in order to achieve anti-aging, whitening feckles and other effects is to be tested. That is to say, raise skin cannot and repair protect skin in the same breath, raise skin model color makeup can be in prevent makeup look dark sink, not the respect such as card powder to have been done "qualified". Makeup to the "efficacy" upgrade With the update of big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, beauty makeup and technology have been deeply integrated. Among them, the technology of biological science provides multi-angle vision and scheme for the innovation and development of beauty makeup products. According to the survey, active and healthy products are the focus of future consumers. In recent years, many Chinese brands have sensed a new business opportunity in "skin nourishing", focusing on product efficacy and brand value based on research and development.


"Efficacy skin care is the first" Winona to sensitive muscle repair popular, in response to the sensitive muscle makeup market demand, Winona launched for sensitive muscle makeup single product - peace of mind series. This series includes moisturizing essence foundation liquid, makeup remover oil, lip repair essence and eyebrow pencil. It is finely divided into products suitable for people with sensitive muscles and covers a wide range of facial makeup products. Similarly, as a household name in China, Baiquelin, which mainly focuses on herbal skin care, has laid a market foundation with mild and healthy product value. Continuing the concept of Oriental herbaceous skin nourishment, 100 birds gazing to "also makeup and nourishment" as the core selling point, integration of the characteristics of Oriental culture launched a series of makeup products. Once listed, 100 finling will hand in hand with the flow of spokespeople through the multi-channel coverage of the whole network, to brand power and product sound volume for the "herbal skin" makeup momentum.


Skin - nourishing makeup has opened up a new blue ocean, although its substantial efficacy has yet to be tested by time and market. According to the prediction and analysis of 36Kr Research Institute, under the traditional industry, China's beauty makeup industry will develop steadily and reach a market size of 620.35 billion yuan in 2025. Cosmetics market has formed a relatively mature system, with convenient traffic platform and channel play, an endless stream of personality "new species" have entered the game, won the love of many consumers. How to occupy the front row of the market is the problem that the brand always pays attention to.
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