Please keep these practical tips for those who are preparing to open a live broadcast in a physical beauty store

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the trend of "live streaming with goods" in real business has been rising. In the industry atmosphere of no commercial broadcasting, if you are a newcomer who wants to try or just start to do beauty live streaming, several suggestions in this paper can be used for reference.

Choose the right live streaming equipment

1.Video equipment

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of video equipment: video camera, SLR camera and mobile phone. In terms of the image effect of live broadcast, camera > DSLR camera > mobile phone.
At present, 95 per cent of anchors use mobile phones to broadcast live, including China's leading anchors Weiya and Li Jiaqi.At present, hard parameters such as picture quality, white balance, light ratio and clarity are not what the audience needs. Small enough, convenient enough and cheap enough to make mobile the first choice for live streaming.

The choice of camera equipment depends on the number of people in the studio and the size of the live event. For example, if the number of people in the live broadcast room is 3 or more, the mobile phone screen will not fit, so advanced video recording equipment is needed.

Lighting equipment

The light source of live broadcasting is divided into indoor inherent light, studio light and live broadcasting artefact". Stone told reporters: if the scene is indoors, and the brightness is enough, there is no need to purchase lighting equipment; If you want the face light source to be sufficient, you need to purchase a "live broadcasting magic device" (as shown below).

It should be noted that the effective light distance of "live artefact" is short and not enough to illuminate the whole scene, so live artefact is suitable for close display of people or objects. On the contrary, if there are many people in the live broadcast and commodities need to be displayed, a set of studio lights should be purchased (as shown below).

A device for recording sound
There are two kinds of sound collecting equipment: built - in and outside.The built-in sound receiver includes a mobile phone, camera and camera with a microphone; External sound receivers include a wired - in - line microphone and a Bluetooth microphone.

In the selection of microphones, it is suggested to decide according to the live broadcast environment.If you are in a particularly quiet confined space and the distance between the voice and the phone is not very far, the anchor can use the built-in microphone of the phone to broadcast the voice collection. In addition, it is recommended to purchase external sound collecting equipment.

"New live-streamers can use a plug-in lapel microphone because the device is not only convenient and practical but also cheap to purchase." The cost for viewers to watch live broadcasts is very low. In such an environment with information explosion and impetuous, it is not easy to give the audience a quiet and comfortable watching environment for the first time.

How to package broadcast room: title × lottery × appearance level

A catchy title is the first step to live streaming success. To stand out from the crowd, a studio needs to surprise or wonder the audience within two seconds.

For example, titles such as "Don't take off makeup in summer sunrise Street", "Makeup tips for dating" and "Spring and summer commuting makeup" can describe the highlights of the live broadcast in one sentence. And it combines the season with the usage scenario. On the contrary, such as "live broadcast room gift", "8 years mask shop", "quick to become beautiful" and so on, although this kind of text is short, but can not poke in the user pain point, can not let the audience have a resonance and sense of substitution.

In addition, stores can react to the lottery information in the title, such as "eight free XX set", "hair bullets can be drawn cash red envelope", "hair bullets can be pumped fairy water", so that the "wool party" feel that you do not have to pay may win the prize, to attract him from the broadcast room, stay until the end of the lottery to leave. After the audience enters the live broadcast room, the store can use "Zanda 1000 red envelope" "pay attention to 1000 bullet screen drawing gift box" and other methods to retain the audience and encourage them to forward to their friends, in order to seek fission.

The present is a look at the face of the era, to the head anchor Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya for example. First, they are handsome and beautiful enough in person. Secondly, the goods they choose are good-looking and delicate enough. Moreover, their studio is beautiful enough. Stone brother from the background data analysis: the first click into the broadcast room stay time and anchor good-looking degree into a positive correlation.
Therefore, my advice: If you want to broadcast live but are not good at chatting or can't afford a regular time to broadcast live, it's better to find someone who is handsome/beautiful/can talk to/has a regular time to broadcast for you.

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