How often do I have to replace my makeup brushes?


Makeup brush is a necessary tool when we apply makeup, it can help us apply makeup better and finer. Almost every girl who wears makeup uses a makeup brush to apply makeup. But makeup brushes also have a certain service life.

1. How often to change makeup brushes?

There is no definite shelf life for makeup brushes, and they can be used for a long time if you clean them regularly and keep the brush head clean. The price of a makeup brush set is not cheap, so the quality is relatively high. 

It is recommended to replace makeup brushes with a six-month period. Makeup brushes are made to help with makeup. When using powdered beauty products you cannot touch them directly with your hands and cannot apply makeup, you must have the assistance of a makeup brush to do so. There are many combinations of makeup brushes, and the most basic set has 6 brushes containing a powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, foundation brush, and facial contour brush.

Makeup brushes will be in close contact with facial skin every day, long-term use of the brush head will not be clean, not only easy to get dust, bristles inside the potential risk of breeding bacteria, with such a brush head makeup is very likely to cause facial skin problems, so makeup brushes must be regularly cleaned, with too much time to do to replace. When cleaning makeup brushes, you need to use makeup remover. Pour out the right amount of makeup water in the container, so that the brush head is fully coated with makeup remover, so as to dissolve the makeup powder stuck on the brush hair.

Afterwards, pour the shampoo containing natural ingredients into the container, stir the water to make the shampoo foam, then put the makeup brush hair in the bubble water and wash it by rubbing the brush hair gently with your hands until all the stains fall off. Finally, rinse the brush repeatedly with water until the brush hair is no longer foamy, then use a paper towel to absorb any remaining water stains on the brush hair.

2. Do I need to wash the makeup brushes I just bought?

If you just bought a makeup brush, make sure to rinse it more than once before using it. New makeup brushes may have a small amount of bristles that are not solid or fluffy because they are handmade, so wash them a few more times to be able to clear these excess hairs. Pay attention to gentle movements when cleaning and clean in the direction of the bristles.

3. Common misconceptions of cleaning makeup brushes


Myth 1: Vigorous rubbing to clean the brush

  The bristles of makeup brushes are actually quite fragile. When cleaning, you should be gentle and not use too much force.


Myth 2: Rinse all the brushes

  The brush does not need to be rinsed with water. It is best not to touch the water at the junction of the brush shaft and the bristles, as the junction will be easily degummed and damaged by water, and the brush shaft will easily become moldy.

Myth 3: Use a hair dryer to dry makeup brushes

  Although using a hair dryer can dry makeup brushes quickly, it can damage the bristles and reduce the life span of the brushes. Therefore, it is best to dry your brushes naturally in the sun or in a ventilated place after cleaning.


Makeup brushes need to be replaced after six months of use. During this period, we can keep the makeup brushes functional through scientific cleaning methods. If you want to know more about makeup tools, please follow Gracedo. as a professional makeup tool manufacturer, we will share makeup knowledge from time to time.

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