Different Types of Makeup Brushes: Complete Guide for Beginners

Are you just starting to learn makeup? Or do you face a wide variety of makeup brushes and don't know how to choose? This article will introduce the classification of makeup brushes for you in detail. I believe that after reading it, you can start your makeup journey perfectly.

How to choose a makeup brush?

There is a wide variety of makeup brushes, when buying you only need to pay attention to two things, the material of the makeup brush and the function. Let's get started.

1. Material


Before we choose a functional makeup brush, the first thing is to choose the material, not just the brush type without looking at the quality of the bristles.

Makeup brushes are divided into two materials: fiber and animal hair. But there is a common misconception that fiber bristles are cheap and difficult to use, but in fact, fiber brushes have its powerful role, to choose for makeup needs.

Synthetic fiber hair

Advantages: resistant to washing and use, flat bristles, does not absorb water and grease, suitable for painting base makeup;

Disadvantages: bristles are hard, easy to tie the face, halo effect is not as natural and delicate as animal hair.

Animal hair

Advantages: natural animal hair has hair scales and oil, easy to catch the powder. Soft and loose to the touch, natural staining effect, suitable for powder makeup;

Disadvantages: there is an odor to stay, easy to absorb water and oil.

Common animal hair are:

Weasel hair (good elasticity for taking color many eye shadow brush eyebrow brush are this material staining power general)

Gray rat hair (hair root fine staining good soft makeup glossy good brush type fluffy suitable for heavy color use)

Goat hair (staining good grip powder force good color effect general wool brush without hair peak quality will be worse or more or less will be a little stinky)

Squirrel hair (hair body smooth and soft hair head is very dense but loose body more suitable for small grooming brush)

Horse hair (washed pony hair is slightly hard but the ability to grab the powder is good for color)

Weasel bristles are recognized as high quality bristles, soft and elastic texture, comfortable to use. Powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush such brushes with animal hair is better. The brush is a good choice.

2. Shape of Facial Brushes

After introducing the bristle material, I'll introduce the different shaped brushes that gives beginners the most headaches! As long as you are familiar with these basic brush types, you can be very confident when picking a makeup brush!

the shape of the brushes

I have categorized the makeup brushes by face area and function. Is this very clear. Other makeup brushes that are either deformed or newly shaped are nothing more than modified and optimized from the base.

What you need to be aware of is:

The stiffer the bristles and the smaller the brush head, the better the color development;

The larger the brush head and the fluffier the bristles, the more natural the makeup application.

Makeup Brushes Reviews

1.Flat Head Foundation Brush


Suitable for quick and large area to apply the base makeup, the brush bristles are fine, can well cover the pores, fine lines and imperfections, more suitable for girls with more imperfections on their face!


Not suitable for creating fine foundation. It is difficult to take care of details such as the eye sockets and sleepy silhouette. The makeup will also feel heavy.

Usage methods

The correct way to use a flat foundation brush is to use a circle technique to apply makeup, so that the foundation will be even and delicate; back and forth circles and pressure, but also to let the foundation melt into the pores and fine lines, drawing out the foundation both uniform and high coverage.

2.Tongue Flat Head Foundation Brush

tongue flat head foundation brush


The flat brush shape is suitable for handling details and corners, but also has a more natural and clear makeup. It can also be used for multiple purposes, such as highlighter and blush. The small tongue-shaped foundation brush can also be used as a concealer brush, which makes the tongue-shaped brush a very cost-effective brush. ......


If you don't have too many skills, you can easily leave powder marks on your makeup, and it takes a lot of skill and patience to use it. For example, many celebrity makeup artists like to use this tongue brush.

Usage Method

Tongue-shaped foundation brush makeup should pay attention to the use of flat method, from inside to outside repeated meticulous brush even. This brush type is classic and versatile, and has been retained by the market, which shows its excellence and practicality. This is my preferred brush type!

3.Base Polish Brush

Base polish brush


Uniform makeup, not easy to leave brush marks, great polishing effect. Can produce a fine finish. Also gives a fine and smooth finish.


The brush head is too dense and difficult to clean, and the finish is a little lighter than the ceramic finish. I have explained how to clean the makeup brushes.

Usage Method

Like flat brushes, polishing brushes should be applied with a circular motion. It is important to slowly polish the brush in a circular motion so that the base makeup is as smooth as if it had been polished.

4.Flat Head Eye Shadow Brush

flat head eye shadow brush


The flat head eyeshadow brush is a basic eyeshadow brush with stiff, flexible bristles for spreading color over a large area. Essential for eye makeup priming. You can control the shape and range of your eyeshadow.


Does not have a smudging effect. Uneven clumping can occur if you are not skilled.

How to use

Use the flat side of an eyeshadow brush to spread the color, a large basic eyeshadow brush for eye priming; a medium basic eyeshadow brush to transition the edge of the eyeshadow; a small basic eyeshadow brush can be overlaid with eyeshadow powder for local deepening.

5.Round Head Eye Shadow Brush


Round-headed eyeshadow brush is also known as a smudge brush with loose bristles, good for doing color smudging. It can blend a variety of eye colors together perfectly, with a natural edge transition, and can also sweep away excess eye shadow powder, making it an indispensable helper for a clear and natural everyday eye makeup!


The brush bristles are flimsy and not easy to grasp the shape and range, and the coloring degree is weak (of course it is made for smudging itself)

How to use

The holo brush can be dipped directly into the color with the brush head, the large holo brush can also be used to apply the base color, the whole eye holo; medium and small holo brush is suitable for painting smoky makeup, you can fine holo eye shadow edge and shape ~

6.Rounded Eye Shadow Brush


The brush bristles are short and dense and firm to the touch, so it's the king of coloring! It also has a small and compact brush head, which is perfect for drawing the lower eyelid and doing eyeliner smudging.


The eyeshadow color can be slightly stiff, and the general circular eyeshadow brush is usually smudged with dark colors, so improper eye makeup is easily dirty.

How to use

The Round Eye Shadow Brush is suitable for applying color with a dabbing or pressing technique on the flat side, and then lightly smudging. It has a shorter and wider brush head, so it will smudge the lower eyelid and eyeliner more smoothly.

7.Angled Brow Brush

angled eyebrow brush


The bristles are dense and stiff, which makes it easy to apply color. The flat, beveled curve is easy to shape, so it's commonly used as an eyebrow brush, but it can also be used to smudge eyeliner.


If you have to say the disadvantages, it is probably not able to draw the current popular simulation of eyebrows, it is suitable for filling in eyebrow color, but can not trace out the root of the eyebrow hair.

How to use

It is recommended to use the beveled eyebrow brush to paint the peak of the eyebrow first, then the end of the eyebrow, and finally the transition to the head of the eyebrow, so that the eyebrow is painted with a light and dark color transition.

8.Dual Head Eyebrow and Lash Comb Brush

dual head eyebrow and lash comb brush


Dual purpose, cleans up dander and clumps from the hair and combs through eyebrows and lashes for easy trimming.


No drawbacks for the time being.

How to use

Dual-headed comb, one end of the dense soft hair is used to comb the eyebrow shape, and the end of the plastic tooth comb can comb the eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time, so that the subsequent application of eyebrow dye and mascara is not easy to knot ~


9.Spiral Brush

spiral brush


The spiral brush is convenient for combing brows, adjusting their alignment, cleaning up dirt from them, and most importantly: transitioning shades of eyebrow color!


However, it is important to use the brush with the right amount of weight when transitioning colors, otherwise it is easy to take off the color and the eyebrows will appear unevenly colored.


The spiral brush is also used to comb the eyebrows, when the brush, the technique to the upper slant comb, so as to avoid combing into embarrassed eyebrows.

10.Diagonal Trimming Brush

diagonal trimming brush


The classic angled brush still works very well. Its beveled curves fit the jawline and cheekbones, and the color transition is natural, with the sharp corners allowing for a little detail.


As long as the bristles are not too hard and firm, there are basically no drawbacks!

How to use

The first stroke should be painted on the sideburns, and then slowly transition to the nose, so that the makeup will not be dirty.

11.Highlighting Brush

highlighting brush


For newcomers or girls who like natural makeup, it is recommended to choose this kind of brush with loose bristles, it is not very colorful, highlighting points are more scattered, as long as you brighten and increase the sense of skin shine is good!


The color is not concentrated!

How to use

The bristles of the highlighter brush should be loose and soft, sweep it on the cheekbones, brow bone, nose and chin; not too heavy, as long as the skin can feel the friction of the bristles, so that the highlighter will be more natural and bright!


12.Fan Brush

fan brush


The fan brush was first used to sweep the remaining powder on the face, and later used by Europeans and Americans to draw highlights or touch-ups. Its advantage is that it can draw a more concentrated highlighting point, and the shape is well controlled.


Overly pigmented, color transition is not natural


This fan-shaped brush, must use the left and right staining technique on makeup, as a highlighting brush, more suitable for painting in the cheekbones; if it is used as a cosmetic brush, suitable for painting in the cheekbone (the lower side of the cheekbone) and the hairline position!

13.Blush Brush

round head blush brush


The round-ended bristles are relatively firm, so the color is very flattering to the skin. The bristles are relatively dense, and it is a blush brush that is easy to show color, so it is more suitable for blush products that do not show much color.


If you use a blush that goes on very well, it will be easier to draw a highland red!

How to use

The round-headed blush brush is more suitable for drawing circles to apply makeup, the color can be very evenly wrapped around the apple muscle, if you want to force to sweep back and forth, believe me, it will be unevenly colored!

14.Flat Head Rounded Blush Brush


The brush bristles are looser and the color drawn is lighter and more natural, which makes it suitable for blushers with high pigmentation.


It's a bit of a makeup application technique, and the color doesn't come out as diffused as with the round-ended blush brush!

How to use

The flat blush brush is suitable for left and right staining, it can be swept on the apples, and can also be used to transition the color of the grooming, by the way, to modify the shape of the face!

15.Lip Brush

lip brush


The flat lip brush is suitable for both filling in lip color and its right angle design is convenient for outlining details. When buying one, it is advisable to feel it with your hands, and it is best to choose a lip brush with stiff, flexible bristles!


There are no hard feelings, but if you buy a bad quality lip brush, the bristles will buckle at a later stage, and that will affect your makeup very much!

How to use

As a super delicate girl although usually apply lipstick are directly coated, but the lip brush can be coated with a smooth and clear lip makeup, so a flat lip brush can be multi-tasking, out of the job of the lip brush, but also can draw lip line ~ and lipstick color and depth can be controlled at will ~

After reading today's share, do you have some basic knowledge about makeup brushes? Gracedo, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, can customize them specifically for you. Meanwhile, we will share makeup knowledge to you from time to time. Welcome to exchange with you.

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