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  Mastering eye makeup art is not an easy job. For every makeup lover, it’s important to know how to use makeup tools at the beginning to get that magic on your face. To get the sparkling eye look on-point, it’s essential to get the basics down. Once you know what type of brushes to use and how to use them, you can easily get creative with your makeup skills to enhance your look.

  From brow to eye shadow brushes, enhance your look with our professional-grade Gracedo eye makeup brushes. Find a wide selection of professional eye and brow brushes to enhance your look.

  Gracedo eyes brushes with natural or synthetic hair ensure precise application of eye and eyebrow products. They are ideal for application of loose and pressed eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeshadow primers, eye liners and all products for eyebrow makeup.


  Dab the bristles into powder or liquid eyeshadow, use a patting motion to lay down colour or circular motions to blend and soften. Use the concealer brush for spot coverage and to clean up any powder fallout around the eyes.

  Types of eye brushes

  1. Blending brush

  Blending is the key to get the perfect makeup look. There is range of eye makeup brushes available in different sizes and shapes with each one functioning differently. However, as a beginner you don’t need each one of them. Blending brush helps you mix and match different eyeshadow colors while applying.

  2. Dense and small blending brush

  This eye makeup brush is the best for applying the eyeshadow base all over your eye. Be it a power or cream product, a small, dense brush works perfectly for blending the product. As a beginner, it helps you in quick application.

  3. Fluffy blending brush

  To create a natural gradient of colors, use fluffy blender eye makeup brush. After shadow and eye liner application, use this eye makeup brush to give a natural finish as it expertly blends the colors. This is a great pick for creating smokey eye and dramatic look. You get tapered or rounded fluffy brush for blending. The fluffy eye makeup brush can be used for blending with or without product. The tapered brush allows you to put more concentrated colors into the crease. For cut-crease look, go with small tapered blending eye makeup brush.

  4. Large, domed blending brush

  A perfect choice for beginner to get the seamlessly perfect blended look. This eye makeup brush can bluff, blend and highlight colors in no time. This eye makeup brush beautifully blends and finishes a look without any harsh lines.

  5. Crease line brush

  Crease line eye brushes can add depth to your eye makeup. By applying shadow right in your crease, you can add more definition to your eye. Using this eye makeup brush is quite easy. Pick a product of your choice, press the brush into the crease of your eyelid and swipe it from side to side to get the desired color. Its small enough to help you draw precisely and a perfect choice for inner corner usage.

  6. Script liner brush

  Script brushes are long, narrow and pointed. You can use them to create a delicate patterns and play with them to create various looks. These eye makeup brush can create a perfect stroke. You can get artistic with this.

  7. Contour brush

  This eye makeup brush comes with an angled edge. You can softly contour the edges of your eyes by brushing the eyeshadow along the socket line. It helps you add definition to your face as its ideal for detail work. As it comes with angled head and firm bristles, more prominent for crease of your eyelid for easy and precise application. You can also create a smooth base for eyeshadow. Trying to create flawless contoured eye, this eye makeup brush is must have in your makeup kit for applying crease or base eyeshadow.

  8. Winged eyeliner brush

  They look similar to angled brushes, but comes with a little longer corner. Its perfect brush for drawing dramatic wings using liquid or gel eyeliners. You can also try different eyeliner looks and styles with this. However, winged eyeliners takes practice to master the art!

  9. Precision concealer brush

  Using this eye makeup brush, you can smoothly blend and apply concealer to your eyes. Hard reach and specific areas of your eyes can be covered with this brush.

  10. Pencil brush

  Pencil brushes are used for softening and smudging the outlines.it adds highlights and details to eyes as it’s quite sharp. It just acts like a pencil for your eye makeup. You can draw precision lines on the lid, along the lash line and in the crease. It helps you apply makeup in style.

  11. Smudge brush

  As the name suggest, smudge brushes are used to create smudging effect. But they are multi-purpose brushes too! If the shadows are more pigmented, smudge brush can help you spread them easily. You can blend different shades efficiently.

  12. Flat shader brush

  Basically, flat shader brush is used for eyeshadow shades application as it picks up the product well. It helps you to apply shadows evenly across your eyelid. It’s a must-have if you love to experiment with dramatic smokey eyed looks. Larger shader brushes helps you cover more area in no time. They are the best ones for basic application of eyeshadows.

  13. Angled brush

  Angled brushes used for highlighting brow bones and for giving them natural look. It picks up the product cleanly. It can be the perfect brush for applying liners to create a cat-eyed look. With angled brush you can easily apply eyeshadows all over the eyelid, in the corner and in the crease line.

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